Friday, February 02, 2007

Tis the Season to be Spoiled and Cranky

Well actually it is Groundhog Day which is my second favorite holiday. It is the time of year when every person should be thinking of what they would do with Bill Murray's powers and whether or not they would ever want it to end. And of course there is the little rat that comes out of his hole for ten seconds to see if there is going to be another six weeks of winter.

Speaking of little rats, the NY Post has basically just let a group of celebrities have it in this article. I need to go back and check and see if they revealed a blind item or not. I did see that a UK newspaper revealed one of my blind items the other day but no one has put it in the guesses, so it still sits there.

Dina Lohan speaks

Since Dina Lohan's daughter is dropping out of movies, and therefore Dina's income will probably be reduced, she may in fact be looking for easy money and therefore litigation happy. I would therefore like to point out that the following is entirely satirical in nature and could NEVER possibly occur in the Lohan house.

"Hi, I am Dina Lohan. I could very well be an enabler, and my husband is probably happier in prison than he was being married to me. I need some more publicity for myself even though I really have nothing to publicize. What I guess I can do is to continue to use my daughter Lindsay as an attraction and sell tickets to whatever entertainment outlet wants to see her. I know the paps are going to be all over Lindsay when she gets out of rehab. They will just be following her and following her and never leaving her alone. Oh, wait I need to go now, I have US Weekly here to give me some money so they can visit Lindsay for a few minutes and then ET is going to give me some money if Lindsay will stand up and do a little dance. Oh, she is such a brave girl. I just wish the paps would leave her alone."


sara said...

luv the way they spin it... dropped out? more like got dropped from the movie.

Anonymous said...

They would both shrivel up and die if they had no publicity.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for making me laugh out loud today.



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