Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Did you know that all five of the women nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards have all appeared naked in film? Well, they have, and the people at the UK newspaper which I do not name, have managed to scour up photos of them all. Yes, even Helen Mirren and Judi Dench. Not the present day Helen Mirren or Judi Dench. So do not be afraid to click, although all are NSFW.

So, American Idol is thinking of replacing Paula Abdul with Courtney Love. Well they both have a way of being foolish on camera. I think they have slept with some of the same people. So you are replacing drugs with alcohol or vice versa? Replacing Crazy loopy crazy versus Crazy, I could get a gun crazy? Replacing kissing Simon's cheek versus spanking them? Replacing standing ovations with flashing the crowd?

More to come in about 30 minutes


sillylittlefreak said...

Courtney Love is a disgusting human being.

Anonymous said...

I really hope that is all just hype because although Paula is crazy - she is a good crazy and it is funny to watch - Courtney on the other hand really just needs to go crawl back under that rock she came from.

Anonymous said...

The say this every year. Last year it was Jessica Simpson rumored to replace Pauler. Don't believe it for a second.

Publicity is all.

Anonymous said...

This has been debunked. Court got punked with a prank call.

Anonymous said...

My goodness!!! She had her leg all cocked up in the air!! She has no shame, and she has no talent, she is worse than Paula.


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