Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Airplane Sex? Check Sex In A Pool With 4 Girls? Check

Ralph Fiennes is just not shy about public sex or nudity. Just a few weeks after his mile high club fun, he was caught in a swimming pool with four naked women at 5am. While filming a movie in Bruges, Belgium, he and some other actors decided to get naked with the local ladies and then the neighbors complained. The parents of the girls are no doubt ashamed. However their shame should lessen when the UK tabloids start paying money for the stories. If you are looking to join Ralph's world sex tour in Bruges, there is a really nice Michelangelo sculpture there which I highly recommend. I believe it was his only sculpture to ever leave Italy during his lifetime.


Anonymous said...

Oh come off it! A totally ignorant "art" post yesterday and now you "Google" Bruges to come up with this insider info.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

WARNING: Ladies, do not hit that unless you wear a disguise, or you WILL be identified.

It's been awhile since we've had a bonafide "bad luck sex" celebrity.

Anonymous said...

You would think a horndog geting that much action would look much less constipated.

Anonymous said...

I dont even like this guy. When was his last movie? Who cares about him? He is fugly.

Is EntL on vacation?

Why cant I say Yaw n?

Anonymous said...

You people have no appreciation for art.

Ignoramuses. No wonder the US is seen as self-absorbed.


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