Friday, March 09, 2007

You Would Never Know Kate Moss Was A Mother And A Co-Dependent Drug Addict Who Keeps Getting Work Like Her Boyfriend Keeps Getting Out Of Jail

3 comments: said...

Pete is the only reason anybody cares anymore...we can't wait to see what kind of trashy ho thing these two are going to do next.

Anonymous said...

She can't work in the U.S. until she can pass a dope test - I would think with that kind of profile the offers here are dryin up. Why would she even touch that fugly, diseased dope fiend - she's really go esteem issues.

Anonymous said...

She has some serious issues or she's a total idiot... I don't think she is the least bit attractive.

I feel sorry for her daughter. What a way to grow up! Unfortunately, the daughter will probably be a drug addict by the time she's 13. It seems Kate can't keep her life straight... much less handle a child.


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