Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mary Poppins Marries And Divorces Mr. Banks Leaving Him Broke aka Heather Mills To Play Mary Poppins

In what would be the worst casting in all the world, Heather Mills is in talks to play Mary Poppins. Drawing on her experience as a porn star, Heather Mills will no doubt bring Mary Poppins to life in a way Julie Andrews never could. I think we all know Heather can act so that should not be a problem. She is learning how to dance. Whoops, that just lasted a day didn't it. Well she can sing right? Well, no, actually she can't. But she is a role model for kids and parents in this family musical right? Well, sure if the parents are sexually dysfunctional and happened to watch her how to videos I am sure they consider her a role model. Should be a fun production.


brendalove@gmail.com said...

If you keep it up ENT...she'll stick that umbrella up your ass and open it up!

Or at the very least you'll get a leg planted in there.

Ms.Cocco said...

I have been waiting on the remake of Mary Poppins. A classic. And they are casting a porn star, my goodness. For a family movie. That is like casting Tara Reid to play the Virgin Mary.

Anonymous said...

It's gonna take more than a spoon full of sugar for this to fly!

bryan said...

so the heather mills porno rumors turned out to be true even though she denied it at first? stupid woman.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see Heather standing on her foot
she can't expect Paul to suppot her hand and foot
she need to stand alone and support herself.


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