Friday, March 09, 2007

Kindness Plug

This one is from bionic bunny. Now that nickname makes much more sense. As always the words are hers.

I support the HOUSE RABBIT SOCIETY and BUNNYLUV (in van nuys), which are charitable, no-kill shelters for unwanted, mistreated, abandoned, etc., etc. rabbits.

With Easter coming up, many families buy those cute little bunnies not realizing how much care they actually need. Once the children tire of them, they often "release" them into the wild, where they are unable to find food or shelter.

At any rate, there's a wonderful group of people who are also trying to educate people with a great idea:

"This Easter, why not make a CHOCOLATE bunny or a cuddly stuffed toy instead?"

It's a good campaign, for a good cause. I realize that gossip sites may not be the best place to post, but its where I hang out. I would greatly appreciate it!

bionic bunny

12 comments: said...

OMG that bunny is so cute. But I'll just eat a bunny instead...a chocolate one, that is.

P.s - don't buy baby chicks or ducks at Easter either, people

Anonymous said...

I am totally down with this. I am a huge supporter of the ASPCA and NYFCA. I am donating online right now.


Anonymous said...

EL YOU ROCK! People need to be aware of this problem---bunnies need special care and just because it's Easter doesn't mean they should become your child's little rag doll.

Your column is always right and you support animal welfare charities! I'll be visiting your blog daily!

Anonymous said...

Please check this link out too!!! This its for Long Island Rabbit Rescue & Rehab, an organization which I am a volunteer for.

Donations help for the care and medical needs of abandoned rabbits currently being fostered in many homes throughout Long Island.

Anonymous said...

bless you, el. yes, the house rabbit society is nation wide, and they do really good work. i just lost one of my buns to torticullis, and am now down to four.

and i used to be "evil bunny", but after the hip replacement we decided to be "bionic"!

thanks again, you're the only one that put this up for me! and thanks all of you!!!!!

Faerie said...

Does anyone mind if I copy and paste this on my blog to see if the 5 readers I have need the info?

Anonymous said...

please, pass it around to everyone you know! i can also recommend books to anyone who wants to know more!
i think you can still reach me at:
thanks for spreading the word!

Anonymous said...

i strongly support this idea. save the animals!

Anonymous said...

i miss you very much

Anonymous said...

i wonder how many homeless people you could feed for what it costs to run a no kill animal shelter

Anonymous said...

anonymous 6:10-- too chicken to leave a name??
before you start in, i am NOT involved with those assholes over at PETA.
this is somethng i do everyday, among many others.
if you're worried how i spend MY time, then you have too much time onYOUR hands. everything used in our shelters is donated. i figure brad and angelina are taking care of the abandoned children, jimmy carter builds houses for the needy, oprah builds schools. all for people who can at least explain their needs.
the list goes on.
this particular group of people, aren't about shelters. our goal is to wipe out the NEED for shelters. don't buy that pet-shop bunny unless you are absolutely sure that your childern are old enough (age 8) to care for and handle them correctly. a good, healthy bunny can live to 15 years under the most optimal conditions.
read the whole thing, fool.

to everyone else who has responded positvely, and passed this on, we can't thank you enough. chocolate is tasty, short lived, doesn't require food or water or daily cage cleanups (unless you let your chocolate bunny out for the 3 or 4 hours a day, that you need for your bun to run and play.

off the soapbox. sorry, EL if i used some naughty words!

anonymous 3:36-- are you who i think you are??


Anonymous said...

Denkst du noch an mich? Liebst du mich noch??


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