Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Links To Numb Your Mind, Or You Can Buy The New Lindsay Lohan Books On CD

OJ thinks he is Dannielynn's dad. ANS I really hope you did not hook up with OJ. It is hard to tell in the article if OJ is joking, but he is definitely sick and twisted.

Jake Gyllenhaal has touched at least one pair of breasts.

Green Day is in the new Simpsons movie?

Lindsay Lohan dyed her hair blonde. Because it took so long, and she wanted the world to see it, she bought the photographers pizza while they waited for her.

Jennifer Aniston is quitting cigarettes and caffeine. Unfortunately for Perez though she has not quit suing people. Check out the way US uses the first two words in the headline. That way dig programs might only pick up the words Aniston Adopts. Clever bastards aren't they?


Anonymous said...

"It is interesting that Ms. Aniston did not actually file suit, unlike in the last topless action, but let the studio handle it instead." This was an EL 2/21/07 post re: Aniston & Perez. Interesting in that there seems to be another contradicting comment from whomever is also "writing" this blog. Clearly this person does not read thoroughly either original previous EL posts, news articles and blogs AND does not have the IQ to be pretending to be an insider, judging by the last several days of inane comments and posts. NOT bloody clever or original.

Anonymous said...

Go away anon 10:25
Nobody asked you!

Anonymous said...

10:25 What's your point?

Anonymous said...

Like Lindsay in strawberry and hope she does not go more blond, otherwise she will look like Dina. (Ugh!)

Not seeing a baby bump in those pics.

Anonymous said...

11:18 Please reread as I was fairly obvious in my post. But for you subtitles:
"Original writer gone, hack substitute with no personal knowledge of entertainment business or law now winging it with BS blogging."

Anonymous said...

OJ needs to be euthanized.. he is such a waste of space..


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