Monday, March 05, 2007

It Was Only A Matter Of Time

It has seemed unfair to me that Frenchie Davis was kicked off American Idol while Antonella Barba has been allowed to stay. Some of you brought up the very good point that what Antonella did was for her boyfriend and what Frenchie did was for pay. I think that is a very valid argument. However, Frenchie and her supporters are demanding that Frenchie be allowed back on the show now or face an accusation that FOX has created a double standard and it is patently unfair. A press conference is scheduled tomorrow and I am sure that FOX will do something. They will not do it this week though. I am sure the suits at FOX are on their knees praying that America votes off Antonella this week and that the whole controversy will fade away. If FOX gets rid of Antonella, then they will be on the slippery slope of determining private behaviors of contestants prior to their appearance on the show.


Anonymous said...

Why would they call for a press conference for tomorrow only to not anounce anything or make a decision until next week?

She wont get cut because there are too many horny men voting for her.

Omg lol I felt so embarrassed for her when last week she had the gall to compare herself to Jennifer Hudson. LOLOLOLOL What a dumb Jersey Shore slut.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand her-couldn't since her audition.

I really hope the horny guys stop voting and that she'll get booted this week.

Anonymous said...

They need to get rid of her already. She can't sing anyways. Now Frenchie. That girl can sing.

Anonymous said...

She can't sing! That's the reason why she shouldn't be around any longer. Does anyone suspect these photos "leaked" out conviently to her advantage? Hmmmm she gets votes because of her NSFW photos not her "singing" talent. There shouldn't be a debate, vote her off!

Anonymous said...

You are overlooking the fact that Frenchie informed American Idol of the photos before she started

Do people really believe that if Frenchie had made barba type explicit photos for anyone that she would have remained on the show?

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what happens here. I don't know why I remember this, but wasn't there some rumbling that Frenchie was dumped because she is a "plus size" gal and she didn't fit the profile of what they were looking for, so they used the photos as a convenient excuse to get rid of her? Now with the success of JHud and the 2 this season, that whole big gal image thing isn't such a big deal. Even if they should, they probably won't bring Frenchie back - would require too much admission of wrong-doing.

But in any event, I wish, wish, wish this Antonella chick would just go away - her voice is horrible.

Anonymous said...

Part of the problem is that votefortheworst is backing Antonella and garnering her votes.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Frenchie was kicked off the show because she is not considered to be "star material". She is overweight and not easy on the eyes.

This Antonella chick has pics of her giving head and pissing on the toilet and she still stays because she is good looking and thin. Double standard of Hollywood!! That is why soo many females in Hollywood have eating disorders. She should be kicked off the show.

Anonymous said...

I'm no Antonella fan and think she should have been gone weeks ago, BUT
Frenchie was PAID to for her photo's which were published in a porn magazine or on a porn site. Antonella has r-rated photo's floating around that she did for her boyfriend. NOT the same thing and certainly not an issue of race.


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