Monday, March 05, 2007

Alison Kelly From Project Runway

Alison Kelly was my 2nd favorite on Project Runway after Michael. This love for her work was not just because she was so hot with that innocent, sex kitten look. The love for her was not a result of her love of short nighties that the cameras always found each morning. It was not even her pouty lips or smoky eyes. No, she actually had talent and she got totally jobbed when she got kicked off. I think Heidi was jealous. Now, Alison has her revenge. Check out her new line of clothes.


Anonymous said...

Nothing special there.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked Alison during the show, but those are some DULL clothes, honey... "Revenge," my as*!

For me, Alison blew it AFTER the show by dissing everyone involved and making that (narcissistic & embarrassing) claim that Heidi wanted her out b/c she was jealous of her. Puh-LEASE! Heidi works with other gorgeous women ALL the time. (And I know for a FACT that she was an absolute sweetheart to work with during her Victoria's Secret days.)

Nope, Alison got HERSELF thrown off the show with that god awful yellow-crepe-paper duckling monstrosity! And from the looks of her "collection," methinks she should be grateful they kept her on the show as long as they did.

So what's up with Ent lately, anyway? Sooooo snarky/bitchy these days. Whatever happened to the lawyer with a heart o' gold we all fell for?
Come back, Ent! ...Come back into the light!!


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