Friday, March 09, 2007

Hey K-Fed. Your Soon To Be Ex-Wife Is In Rehab. What Are You Going To Do Next?

"Hi, I am Keven Federline. Whatever goodwill I keep earning by being the great dad and being there for Britney, I keep burning through just as fast. First there is the birthday party. I am only asking 25K and hey, you get to take pictures of me and other D list stars. I know some people say I shouldn't be going to Vegas with the kids. But hey, that is how their dad rolls. I know that wrestling thing did not work out exactly and my CD and tour were not quite top ten, but I have the best idea now. I am pitching my own reality show which will include my two sons. It is about a bachelor (that's me) and his two toddler sons with an out of control ex-wife who is a pop-star. Wow. I just can't figure out how to exploit this situation any further. Maybe I could make sure the kids were the focus and I could get Shar's kids over here and I could show the world that I am the greatest."


Anonymous said...

He must've forgot that he's a "clueless bachelor father" with 4 kids, not just 2. I was on his side...he doesn't want me to start hating him again, does he?? Dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Give him a break. He's still the better parent.

Anonymous said...

SCUM. He's just the smarter parent of the 2 at the moment.

Better would have been keeping it in his pants while his, whatever Shar was, was pregnant with their 2nd child. Better would have been working a steady paying job and paying child support on the first two rather than allowing Britney to gift him with $$ from crap like Chaotic. Better would be helping the mother of his children to get well and not exploiting her and their two sons. I doubt it, but I hope Brit really suffers from postpartum and is not a total meth-head/alcoholic. For the sake of those two innocent babies (her boo-boos) if not her.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he could start by not showing the world his underwear and pull up his trousers!


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