Friday, March 09, 2007


The Kim Kardashian tape is going to go on sale. It is going on sale March 21st and of course another clip will be released prior to that. If any more previews and clips come out, we will have seen the whole tape. Kim Kardashian and her manager?????? met with Vivid but no agreement was reached.

In more nudity related news, there are more pics of Antonella Barba on the internet. The website says they are all new, but I think only two are. Enjoy them while they last because I am sure she will never do anything like that again. OK, I tried to type that with a straight face, but who are we kidding. I really do think she should hold out for Playboy and not just go straight to Girls Gone Wild or that DVD Porn Host thing she was offered.

Star Magazine and popbytes discuss whether my favorite lesbian Portia de Rossi is suffering a relapse of her eating disorder. Honestly, I think Ellen would make sure she didn't.

In Touch reveals what caused Lily-Rose's illness and also how Lane Garrison did not enter a plea yesterday which is REALLY unusual and honestly a stand up move by Lane. I think the judge agreed which is why bail was about half what it should have been.


Anonymous said...

Well it would be nice if someone other than the person w/ Anorexia could 'stop them' but it is like any other 'addiction' like drugs, alcohol, etc... you can't make someone w/it 'stop' doing it - you can only help them to get treatment if they want to... it is somewhat naive to think that it could be controlled by Ellen. said...

Lily Rose could lose that kidney. Hang in there, Depps! We are all behind you!

Anonymous said...

I figured that Lane's attorney is desperately trying to work a plea deal out for the minimum time in jail, not prison.

Poor Lily Depp, that's just so sad and scary.

Portia, don't care if she eats or not.

Kim's a fat little whore, with a fat whore family, she's going to need to be peed on annually for anyone to even remember who she is.

Anonymous said...

Antonella is our next slut-ebrity, move over Herpes Hilton the new tramp is on town.


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