Thursday, March 08, 2007

The One Time Where Photoshop Does Not Quite Work

Should I feel bad that I like the photo of her in the tub though? That she kind of looks sexy? Naaah. Just think Hawaii and it will all fade away.


Anonymous said...

She is a gross pig

Amber said...

She's not too bad with her mouth closed and the snaggletooth tucked away.

MnGddess said...

The whole photo shoot smacks of kiddie porn to me.


Anonymous said...

They're nice enough imo, quite artistic, but these days I'm just 'meh' about most photoshoots involving pretty much everyone.

After watching the Dove Real Beauty campaign advert it becomes apparent just how airbrushed and 'Shopped all these shoots are and how far from reality they end up, just to create a look or an ideal. They overcompensate on airbrushing and lighting even when it's not a 'concept' shoot.

She looks quite nice though. I don't mind old Kirsten Dunst.

Anonymous said...

How pale is she? She needs a Bahamavention.


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