Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Britney Is Either About To Die Or Doing Quite Well In Rehab

Well one of the tabloids must be right. Right? I choose to believe she is actually doing great because she only has to focus on getting well and not worry about anything else. Plus she will probably get to have a sleepover with Brooke Shields when she gets out. They will have lots of fun swapping stories about Tom Cruise and just laugh the night away knowing that poor Katie is pretending to be asleep to keep Tom on the other side of the bed. Of course she may actually sleep in a separate twin bed in the corner. There really is no way of knowing but they will talk and laugh about it all. BUT, I digress. EXTRA (Extra, Extra) is claiming that Britney is crying herself to sleep at night and they are using another tabloid as a source. Wow. Now that is some good reporting.

Now, if you are an X17 fan they are happy to report that Britney is doing fine and has got a really good wig. Here are some more pics of Britney in rehab and a brief story from X17.

4 comments: said...

Get well, Britney!

JeeezeLouise said...

I happened to notice yesterday that in one of the pics of the infamous Umbrella Attack, you can clearly see a nasty bruise on Brit's back, her left side (nearest the camera) On this site, scroll down to the last row of four pictures, first pic in that row, and click to enlarge.

Kinda makes me wonder about those "Brit raped" rumors :(

Anonymous said...

imho she fell back into something when she was high and drunk

Anonymous said...

lets hope she's doing ok and getting her life on track, if not for herself and her career then for her kids.

i really doubt promises would let her off the property if she was suicidal. i don't care who you are, if you tried to commit suicide she would be put in the psych ward and be under watch.

besides we know the tabs have to sell magazines to all the gullible fat housewives all across america. what makes a better story: britney doing ok in rehab or britney is suicidal and is claiming she's the antichrist?


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