Monday, March 05, 2007

Maybe Eva Longoria's Character Will Get Killed Off And Other Links To Numb Your Mind

Because Eva Longoria has nothing to say about anything except herself, she went on The View and spilled plot lines from Desperate Housewives. The producers are pissed, but are they pissed enough to kill her off? Well even if they don't, the show is not going to last much longer anyway. Then I will just have to see her on Surreal Life and maybe one cover of People as she tries to resurrect her career and then, no more Eva.

Kellie Pickler's hero is Dolly Parton. So, Kellie transformed from a long haired, fairly attractive, mediocre singer with a Pimpa Joe for a dad to a Dolly Parton lookalike complete with hair and a new boob job. No word on whether her dad approves, or if Ryan Seacrest even knows what he is looking at.

Elizabeth Hurley made it legal with her sugar daddy. No estimate has been given on how long it will take for her to suck him dry and go back to Hugh. If they do divorce and Elizabeth has not totally cleaned him out, I am sure Heather Mills would be willing to give it a try.

Simon Cowell trashes (can you believe People Magazine used that word?) Taylor Hicks and Jennifer Hudson because one sucks and the other turned her back on the show that made her.

GEICO Cavemen are going to get their own sitcom.

David Fincher Tribute. 18 separate videos consisting of his top six film clips, commercials, and music videos. Unfortunately there are no clips of him making Jake G cry, but still really good.


Anonymous said...

She's already desperate:

She's either prepping for a new workout video offer or trying to slip her trainer's script over Ron Howard's fence.

Anonymous said...

Her Madonna hands are pretty too.


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