Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nick Nolte In Rehab - With His Girlfriend

The Enquirer is reporting that about three weeks ago, Nick Nolte and his girlfriend Clytie Lane checked into a German rehab clinic. Apparently it is the same rehab clinic that Farrah Fawcett went to get treated for cancer. A one stop kind of place huh?

I think it is always great when people want to get help. Apparently Nick is doing it so he can stay alive as long as possible for his daughter. I think it is also great that his girlfriend is doing it with him. Her name just sounds like a porn star though doesn't it? She is not a porn star. I think she is a fitness trainer. Pretty tough to do that if you are drinking and taking drugs. Not really going to look like a poster of health.


sunnyside1213 said...

I hope it takes this time. Always liked crazy Nick.

mooshki said...

That's good for them. It's so much harder to get clean if your partner is still using.

sunnyside1213 said...

Just not bat shit crazy.

Maja With a J said... you pronounce her name?

Sorka8 said...

I certainly did not recognize Nick in that photo.

selenakyle said...

Clytie? Wow, I sure am glad my Mama didn't name me Clytie!

On a serious note, I hope they get well. I used to think Nolte was hot as hell, back in the Rich Man, Poor Man days.

selenakyle said...

The name probably reminds Enty (as it did me) of Cytheria, the porn "actress" known for some serious physical feats during sex scenes.

Again, I do seriously wish Nick and his gal well.

RocketQueen said...

Glad he did it for himself without a lot of hoopla. Go Nick!

Meg said...

Its pronounced:
(KLI tee eh) and its Greek for "Splendid One"

Indeed! :)

Ells said...

Good for him. I admire people who get help willingly.
Too bad for Dr. Drew that he didn't land that one.

Daveb said...

I hope I'm wrong but my first reaction to this would be that maybe Nick has cancer or another physical illness. I thought Farrah went there for stem cell treatments. Frankly I've never heard of anyone treating booze or drug addiction with stem cells. Usually rehabilitation consists of psychological counseling. I can see a large university medical center having different branches offering stem cell treatment as well as rehab but it makes no sense to me that a small clinic in Germany would offer that combination.

As for Clytie I've seen the name used by a few good ole boys in Texas as a familiar form of the formal name Clayton. Maybe she was named after her dad or an uncle.


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