Friday, June 11, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Diane Sawyer looking lovely last night.
Donatella Versace, umm, not looking quite as lovely.
Apparently Erika Christensen never signed up for the Scientology class on how to dress yourself. I wonder how much it costs. She is standing next to Vanessa Prager who is an artist. Her sister was having an exhibit in London that a Masterson brother was at so this was probably some huge Scientology thing disguised as an art exhibition.
Lots of class. Emmylou Harris. Love her.
Ethan Hawke stares down the photographer while
his ex films her new movie.
I'm still wondering who keeps asking Emmy Rossum to come to events. All she does are Dragonball movies, and not very many of those.
Emma Thompson is getting some crap from other sites for wearing this dress more than once to an event. I say so what. Who says you need a new dress for every event.
Glenn and Jessica Close.
Glee love. Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale.
This is the Helena Bonham Carter I know and love.
Probably the most attentive celebrity dad.


MontanaMarriott said...

Who says you need a new dress for every event? DIANA ROSS in her heyday of course, lol

jess said...

At least Donatella stopped being orange! uck..
-Is Danny Masterson still with Bijou?
-HBC is the only one than can pull of "the crazy cat lady" style
-Dragon Ball evolution sucked, as it should be. I think there'll be a new version of Mortal Kombat next year or so (it seems kind of good). Sort of like "Heroes" but with more action.

Marna Palmer said...

Are Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale really dating?! Didn't know that one.

RocketQueen said...

I totally agree about Emma, Enty. Hell, finding new outfits for every carpet is a job of its own!

Lainey has managed to make me utterly despise Rossum. Her post today about her was a good one.

Cancan said...

All Scientologists are terrible, terrible dressers. Kirstie Alley, even when thin, was bad - now forget it. Jenna Elfman - lazy hippie. Leah Remini - slob; should be behind the counter of a Dairy Queen. Katie Holmes - escaped mental patient. Lisa Marie Presley - Mariah Carey-itis, dressing in clothes 20 lbs. too small. Juliette Lewis - the worst.

Cheryl said...

Hello Hugh! Are you free for a playdate?

jax said...

i kinda totally love the Glee dating thing.

off to do crack! TGIF!

Elle said...

Is that Glenn Close's daughter?

I frickin' worship Glenn. She is an incredible actress

Dr. Spaceman said...

Emma Thompson wearing an outfit more than once just makes me love her more.

Kinsey Holley said...

EmmyLou Harris is one of the coolest women on the planet, as is Emma Thompson (who has more important things to think about than what she's going to wear to yet another red carpet event), and as is Helena Bonham Carter. Only a British aristocrat could come up with those outfits.

Admit it. You'd love to be one of the Burton-Bonham Carter kids. I know I would.

What all three women have in common? Immense talent and a profound lack of narcissism.

ctkat1 said...

@RocketQueen: Lainey has made me despise Emmy Rossum too! Before Lainey, all I knew was that she had a reputation for having a horribly pushy momager and she seemed boring. Now, can't stand her!

Diane Sawyer looks stunning.

Helena Bonham Carter got a lifetime pass from me years ago and I just find her delightful.

Hugh Jackman seems (solely from pictures) to be a great dad- his kids ALWAYS look like they are having a blast with him. Seriously- those are some happy kids.

mooshki said...

Hugh isn't just the most attentive "celebrity" dad, he's the most attentive dad period. He's a dream parent.

kit said...

How happy are those kids with HJack?

I'd be happy too, though. Look at dad's pecs.

Hi, dad! :)

Mango said...

I've loved Emma Thompson ever since I saw her on The Young Ones (with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry) eons ago.

Hugh Jackman is an incredible dad. Go Jackman family!

wonderdiva said...

Donatella's dress is nice, but those shoes are hella odd, and I like crazy shoes.


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