Friday, June 11, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Jason Segel must have just rolled out of bed prior to coming to this event.
Apparently this Karate Kid movie is not as bad as the idea sounded. It is supposed to be much more grim than the first one. Not as happy go lucky.
Kevin Spacey takes a bow, or he has a bad back.
The scene this morning in Los Angeles at an outdoor screening of the Mexico - South Africa match.
Bad fake tan? Check. Cigarette ready to go? Check. Look ridiculous? Check. Assistant? Nope. She quit.
Leelee Sobieski tries her smolder look.
Someone must have just told Mel B that Eddie Murphy wants to have another baby with her.
Megan Fox in Interview Magazine with an exact mannequin of Megan Fox.
If you have never seen Weeds you need to do so. Mary Louise Parker would probably like you to also.
Mira Sorvino probably doesn't care whether you watch it.
What is on Naomi Judd's arm? Did you see that she and Wynona are going on another tour?
Natalie Portman and a brand new hair color. Now she looks like everyone else.
A long overdue first time appearance for Nasim Pedrad.


Jessi said...

That doesn't look like Natalie. Is that really her?

MontanaMarriott said...

I don't think that is Natalie Portman

Majik said...

That's def. NP.

The other NP, Nasim, is quite good on SNL. Like her...can see some regular characters developing next season.

RocketQueen said...

That looks to be some kind of sticky patch under a lace sleeve on Naomi?

Also for the Lindsay caption: Bra? No check.

Read a review for the new Karate Kid on E! this morning which was tepid at best. The worst part according to that reviewer? Choosing Jaden Smith. Made me warm inside ;)

captivagrl said...

summer boots = asshole

jess said...

Lately, Jason Segel and James Franco are looking rough
-I love the original Karate kid and I think this one won't be as good. what's next "back to the future"?
-Leelee's body looks amazing!
-Natalie Portman seems different

Jasmine said...

Leelee looks very dominatrix-like in that pic! wink wink tom cruise

Weeds is the shit, its an awesome show!

Megan Fox, ugh, just die already

I will still think Mel B was hella stupid for having a kid with Eddie Murphy. Doesnt dude already have like dozens of kids he never sees?
Way to pick 'em girl, u look just as clueless in that pic as you are~

chopchop said...

That Jaden Smith kid just oozes Massengill. Ugh.

Naomi looks like she has the grandma kleenex-up-the-sleeve. Except she's a little to ditzy to realize it's really meant for long sleeves.

selenakyle said...

Whoa! I would think LiLo would shed pounds with no drinking. Who gains weight NOT drinking?

Maybe the SCRAM gauges coke metabolism, too...because I read she was cleared to still take Adderall.

Maja With a J said...

I like Weeds! The show. I'm not a big smoker (not that there's anything wrong with that ;)) It went downhill for a season and by the end of last season it started getting pretty good again. I am excited for the new season!

lmnop123 said...

The first two or three seasons of Weeds was pretty good but then it jumped the shark. I just can't watch it anymore.

Cheryl said...

Jaden Smith looks like Riley Freeman from The Boondocks.

nancer said...

portman couldn't ever look like everyone else. she's even beautiful bald.

i think leelee looks fabulous.

lindsay really loves her legs but i fail to see why. shit, she looks like britney in this picture.

my paper gave 'karate kid' 3 1/2 stars. they loved it and said this kid's a star. doesn't mean i'll ever see it, but still. i was surprised.

Tenley said...

selenakyle -- I was thinking Lilo is putting on the poundage because she's not able to snort coke, and so her heart isn't beating as fast and her metabolism has slowed. And my God she's packing it on fast. Gives you a sense how damn much she must put up her nose.

Elle said...

That's Lindsay?? I thought it was Jules Kirby.

Elle said...

I'm a mean c*nt I know but Jaden Smith really, really, really irritates me. He just looks annoying in that photo.

lmnop123 said...

I have a creepy feeling that "The Karate Kid" will be number one this weekend. There's no other kids movie to compete with it and lately children's movies are usually number one at the box office.

I like the Smiths but I don't won't to see or hear from all four of them all the damn time. Like any other celebrity winning just makes them greedy but now it will be times four.

Liza said...


I, too, love Weeds. Such a good show and totally underrated.

Lindsay looks like hell.

I am so over Megan Fox.l

chihuahuense said...

I had NO IDEA that was LiLo. None.

lanasyogamama said...

I never go to the movies, but I wish I could go to "The A Team" this weekend, to help keep Karate Kid from #1.

Robert said...

@nancer: I thought that WAS Britney Spears in that picture. I had to go back and look again to be sure. Damn!

shakey said...

@chopchop - I'm sure his favourite time of day is summer's eve.

I thought that was a picture of Kerry Katona, or someone like that. Her legs are decent, but her face is very bloated. Maybe the assistant quit because she wasn't getting paid? She must not have much money anymore. Besides, if she was supposed to do a fashion line, she should know how to dress herself.

MLP looks like death. I thought that was a bandage on Naomi's arm. Ew, I agree with the Kleenex comment.

mooshki said...

LMAO, Shakey!

Elle said...

Is Naomi the mother of the Judds??? Is she drinking form the fountain of youth? Maybe those are bandages to cover the marks left by the IV from said fountain? She's Benjamin Buttoning! Of course I could look up if she is the mother and if she isn't, this comment is more ridiculous than needed to be...


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