Monday, June 07, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Goo Goo Dolls - Las Vegas
I almost didn't recognize Helena Bonham Carter. She actually looks normal. I miss the old HBC.
I will have one too. Thanks Hugh.
One of my favorites of the day. Jason Bateman with his daughter.
Not Jessica Szohr's best effort.
What the hell did Jackie Warner get done?

Jay Z attempts to show the French how to do the wave.
Kyron Horman has been missing since Friday. He was last seen at his Portland, Oregon school at the science fair.
I loved Ken Jeong's tribute to his wife last night. Very touching.
This would also be touching if I didn't think it was for the benefit of the cameras.
Jack meanwhile lets his mom and sister do all the cuddling.


MISCH said...


Heather said...

I do appreciate the expressions on the faces of the people behind Jay-Z and Beyonce. Apparently the French do not enjoy the wave.

Cowgirl said...

I don't know who she is but I think Jackie Warner may have been hit by a truck.

Princess Pine said...

@ Cowgirl-punched in the nose at the very least!

She had a Bravo reality show about her gym a while ago.

Anonymous said...

I love Jason Bateman SO. MUCH.
PLEASE More of him, ENTY!!!!

RJ said...

Hugh and George in the same day? I must be living right. And Jason Bateman, too!! He just keeps looking better and better. And his daughter is such a cutie.

Love, love, love the expression on that woman's face behind Beyonce. Hi-lar-ious. So French.

RocketQueen said...

Right on, Enty. If anyone else were wearing Helena's dress we would all be "WTF?!" But the first thing I thought of when I saw this pic was, "Wow, that's pretty normal for her!". I love her zaniness.

So I guess Jessica's bad hair has carried over from the show into real life now?

Kimberley said...

Enty, Thanks for giving Kyron Horman attention. I cry everytime I see something about him and can't even begin to imagine the pain his family is feeling.

Meg said...

I used to love me some Johnny Rzeznik.

I would have never guessed that was HBC.

Jason Bateman awww....cute little girl!

WTH is Jackie Warner WEARING...?

I hope Kyron is found safely! :(

Jack/Kelly look SO good.

califblondy said...

Sorry, but I don't see HBC looking even close to normal, so don't worry Ent.

Jackie Warner is or was my girl crush. WTH happened to her? Personally, I think Mimi had something to do with this!

Couldn't a missing child get top spot and keep top spot until he's found?

Paisley said...

I hate defending Beyonce and Jay-Z, but the crowd was doing the wave thing before match point. I don't blame the crowd for trying and liven things up a bit because it was a pretty boring straight set match. Anyway, you can see another woman's arm behind Beyonce doing it.

nunaurbiz said...

HBC: Just say no to the sloppy boobies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Helena, nutty dresser lol

Jack and Jason Bateman look so cute with their kids.

Don't know who Jessica Szohr is but she sure looks trashy.

Jackie Warner looks Yucky whoever she is.

Can't stand Bloyeonce lol.

Another kid missing. It's so sad when that happens.

Ken Jeong's is so hilarious lolol.

jess said...

Actually, I like Helena's weird outfits
-Jason Bateman ♥
-Jessica Szohr looks like a hooker
-lmao!!! @Jay Z and Beyonce, that pic is funny.
-Ken Jeong was sweet

Sporky said...

I'm with shazzba...PLEASE adopt me, Hugh!!!

MadLyb said...

Aw, Jackie Warner was one of my girl crushes. :( It looks like she had her eyes done, and as a result, the bridge of her nose looks wonk. It also looks like she had her upper lip injected. Why? Here are some old pics:

CeeJay said...

One thing that Jackie Warner didn't get done was her roots. Nice stripe.

Christine! said...

Jackie Warner- broken nose? maybe she got into an accident, making both her nose and lip swollen? She has a ton of whatever make-up they have been using on Obama- horrible horrible coloring...

I have a girl crush on her too, glad I am not the only one!

Unknown said...

Yeah broken nose maybe. Jackie looks weird. If that is the result of surgery then UGH. I thought she was hot before, hope she didn't ruin her face by trying to fix what didn't need fixing.

Jason Bateman and his kid == ADORABLE!!!

Jessica said...

Enty, I love ya, but of COURSE Kelly and Sharon were doing it for the cameras! Um, they were on a red carpet with cameras pointed at them! Isn't that kind of the point? Kelly has grown up a lot the last couple of years and they both DO love each other dearly.

ardleighstreet said...

Wow Hugh and ice cream. That would make my day. (I could have said I wouldn't know what to lick first but I'll go nicer.)

pdxbellarocks said...

Enty I second the put Kyron on the top spot!

He has been missing since Friday and being the mom of a little 5 year old man I could NOT imagine the pain his parents are going through...his school is just a couple of miles from my house and knowing that he could be near by is just heart wrenching... We are praying for his safe return


E. DuBois said...

I second the surgery analysis on Jackie Warner. If you compare to the old pics she had some sort of mid face or eye work because the bridge of her nose is definitely looking stretched. And her lips are a lot fuller. Bad call, girl. Bad call.

I get so sad thinking of missing children - and the crazy thing is that it happens so often! I just can't imagine what the family is going through. I hope he is found safe and sound.

Fabulous! said...

idk i'm not sold on jackie having had work done. she's a beautiful woman, i have a girl crush on her too! love her... sadly, it looks more like a broken nose. hate her makeover tho, she looks better with shorter hair...

the jayz pic is hilarious! people of france are thinking wtf???

kelly osbourne looks great in that color.

Woolie said...

Is it possible that Jackie had her nose widened?

I also like her hair better short.

Kinsey Holley said...

Rzeznick is still pretty fine.

My blood ran cold when I read about Kyron. It's the bizarreness of the situation that makes it even scarier - he disappeared from INSIDE the school. That just doesn't make sense. Something's way off.

I can't imagine what parents go through when something like this happens.

ThoughtElf said...

Ditto what KVR wrote, Enty.

I think you're going above & beyond in helping to get the word out about Kyron.

Thanks! For a fat dude, you're so cool. ;>


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