Monday, June 07, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Do you think Katie Price uses an entire thing of eye liner each day?
Larry Hagman looks fantastic. Isn't he like 100?
Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts out for a Sunday stroll with their kids.
McFly - Madrid
Hello Mila Kunis. She looks great as usual.
Molly Ringwald getting some swag over the weekend.
Nick Lachey relives his prom photo.
Apparently Pete Wentz didn't get his birthday wish because Ashlee is still beside him for another year.
Definitely need to watch Goodfellas tonight.
Does RDJ look different or is it that I am just used to him in glasses?
Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane take a night away from the baby.
Holy crap. I have to see if Michael K wrote anything about this.


califblondy said...

Hasn't Rhi Rhi already dyed her back to black?

Hopefully, the Bozo the Clown red was just a paint on like what you buy at Rite-Aid for Halloween

FrenchGirl said...

if RDJ looks different it's because of his new haircut very "javier bardem in No Country For Old Men"!

RJ said...

Larry Hagman does look good, especially considering the abuse he heaped on his poor liver back in the 70s and 80s. Didn't he have a transplant? Some of the current alcoholics need to look at him and realize that if you stop drinking, your health can return. Long live J.R.

I actually like Eric Dane's grey hair. He wears it well. Hope they are behaving themselves now that they're parents, although their "sex tape" was fairly tame.

Rihanna - NO! Bad Rihanna! Bad!

Mila always looks so great.

RDJ looks good enough to eat - always!! I worry about him though. Lots of rumbling that he's not still in recovery. I hope they're all wrong. I love me some Robert!

lmnop123 said...

Yes Michael K has commented on Rhi Rhi's awful red hair dye job. And she's wearing a horrible outfit to match that terrible do of her's.

IIRC Larry Hagman abused his liver with alcohol and then cut in line for a liver transplant. So not happy when I see him grinning on the red carpet. It's that damn entitlement from another "celebrity".

RocketQueen said...

RDJ looks different to me, too. And thinner, I think?

We get it, Asslee. You're coy. God. Give us another pose, please.

My hoping and hoping for a Katie Price ban is obviously falling on deaf ears ;)

RJ said...

not on my dollar, didn't know Hagman got special treatment with his transplant. That sucks, but I can't say that it surprises me. Celebrities inhabit a whole different universe from us commoners, don't they? Be it adoptions or transplants.

Meg said...

What happened to all Nick Lachey's hair?

LOL @ DeNiro & Liotta's facial expressions.

RDJ does look different!? His hair is longer too....and not spikey?

Michael K's take on RiRi is hilarious.

Aimée said...

I love you so much right now for putting McFly on here. I've seen them every year for the last 4/5 years but i don't think i'm going to get my fix this year :(

PotPourri said...

I thought RDJ was JDM Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Larry Hagman looks good and yeap he got special treatment for that liver he needed.

Mila looks cute and stylish.

Molly looks big lol.

Nick, why are u still with jello?

Can't stand Ashlee and her stupid poses.

Goodfellas very good movie and I love Casino.

RDJ, looks skinner and his hair is longer than usual. I still don't see the appeal. Don't like him and don't like his acting.

Gayheart don't like her especially when she ran down that kid. Can't remember if she was speeding or on her cell phone.

RhiRhi looks horrible in that outfit and hair color. She seems to be going thru some changes after the abuse.

caydian said...

I finally put my finger on it...RDJ looks like a young(er) Dustin Hoffman in that pic.

jess said...

I really like Liev and Naomi together.
-Mila is beautiful
-Rihanna and every other singer are trying too hard to compete with Gaga's style.
-RDJ still looks good...

Unknown said...

Does anyone have the link to Michael K's blog?

MadLyb said...

Wow - Larry Hagman really hasn't aged in years. He must've gotten a really good liver.

I actually like Rhianna's outfit and hair, though it makes her look a little older. And like she should be on Broadway.

Katie Price may as well be Medusa. She's hideous to me, mostly because she just seems like a really shallow, not-so-nice person. And also because she always looks so greasy - like if you touched her you'd need a hand towel afterwards. I know - that wasn't very nice. :(

lmnop123 said...


I don't know how to hyperlink the url but you can copy and paste it.

Unknown said...

Thanks Not on my dollar!

Tenley said...

Caydian said it first: RDJ looks a lot like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate.

lmnop123 said...

Anytime jp. :)

Jess[ie] said...

asslee's arm (the one on her lap) looks like it has heroin veins. or she's turning into SJP

Fabulous! said...

i'd say 2 days max for katie price lol

mila always looks good... hate her!

don't jump me for asking, but i never knew what ashlee simpson did to make everyone hate her? i know she sucks, but did she actually DO something?

i wish eric dane and rebecca gayhart had better taste in chicks.

rihanna is trying WAY TOO HARD to be edgy and artistic. same with xxxtina. really? you're so talented AND interesting without all that bs.

The Shenanigangster said...

RDJ looks like Steve Nash.

Green Wave Gal said...

The guy that Goodfellas was based on (Henry Hill) is in my Jets fans group here in LA. He's a character and a half...still battling those demons.

Elle said...

No Rhiana... just NO!

J-Mo said...

Ms.Leigh: I can think of a few instances when Ashlee Simpson has treated people badly. One was caught on tape in a McDonalds and the other was getting in some actress's face b/c she was Pete's ex-girlfriend. She was also rumoured to have been a diva on the new Melrose Place and killed off b/c of it.

Tatyana said...

Could it be that Pete Wentz actually loves his wife and wants to be with her?

R. said...

I'm sorry, but I find Rhianna to be a very unattractive woman. The ugly hair and outfit only enhance that.
Goddamn I'm sick of nudity. It's not new, cutting edge or exciting.
Why doesn't anyone have class anymore?


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