Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Random Photos Part Two - With Reader Photos

When Jane Lynch left Party Down to star in Glee, I thought the show would get really bad, but then they found Megan Mullally and it just keeps on getting better.
A little Will & Grace reunion with Harry Connick Jr.
Michelle Trachtenberg with a new hair style.
Marisa Tomei has moved to the top 5 of people I want to go drinking with.
The Olsen twins look normal here. Apocalypse anyone?
Sure, they go on a Spanish award show. How about showing up at the MTV Movie Awards?
I think Princess Stephanie single handedly kept The Enquirer in business for a couple of years with her scandals.
Real Housewives New Jersey cast in front of a really big donut.
The original Karate Kid with his son and Will Smith.
It is so good to see that Rikki Mongeon is doing better. Here she is with Vikki.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2


Unknown said...

Every time there is a picture of Marisa Tomei, Ent makes a comment about her alcohol habit. Now, I've never actually heard any stories about her heavy drinking, so if anybody knows any dirt, please spill!

RocketQueen said...

Yay readers! Those pics both make me happy summer is here ;)

I like Michelle's dress, but think the length is a little "old ladyish" for her.

I've never seen Party Down but everyone speaks so highly of it! Must rent.

Unknown said...

Wow, Princess Stephanie is looking HARSH.

I'll bet she's still maintained that killer body, though.

Anonymous said...

Princess Stephanie's hairline is starting to encroach on her eyebrows. She does look bad - but happy.

Maja With a J said...

Woop! I know reader #2! *L*

califblondy said...

Great reader pictures!

Reader #1...woohoo, beer and Marlboros

jess said...

lately, Marisa Tomei is looking drunk/with a hangover, where did her acting career go?
-How old is Daniel-san?
-More reader's photos!! both seem nice and fun. BTW beautiful pics, now who are you?

blog hopper said...

Wow MK Olsen had work done and is clearly trying to pretend she didn't. Ashley looks way better. Why do girls in their 20s get plastic surgery anyway?!

RJ said...

I think Princess Stephanie just got caught mid-laugh or squeal or something like that. I like that she's obviously not botox-ed. Her face showed expression. What a concept.

Sporky said...

I wonder why Teresa of RHoNJ is wearing a turban? Maybe feeling a little self-conscious of the "Frank Vincent-like" comments about her hairline?

Ralph Macchio's son is super-cute, looks a lot like him!

Meg said...

Hi Readers!! :)

So I should start watching Party Down then? Ok...I was wondering if it was any good.

@Sporky - I, too, questioned the turban.

i just really don't know what to think about the New New Karate Kid.

Jillian S. said...

Enty, thank you for all your Party Down love. It is such a great show, albeit, a bit of an acquired taste. Any fans of The State or Veronica Mars will def. enjoy.

Also, I ♥ Reader #2!

mooshki said...

If you have Netflix you can watch Party Down on instant-view.

Did Michelle T. get some work done? Her face looks different.

Mary-Kate only looks about 5 years older than Ashley instead of her usual 20. I'm glad she's looking so much better. Blog hopper, I don't think she had work done, I think her anorexia ravaged her face.

Hi, GWG! Great picture!

RocketQueen said...

Not sure we get Netflix here in Canada?

Nadine said...

Love Reader #2 photo. Then again being a Sydneysider pretty hard not to. :P

bionic bunny! said...

i know #2!! *waves*
i don't remember who asked, but i recently looked up ralph macchio's age. IIRC, he was only like 2 years younger than me, and i'm 50!!

jax said...

rocket- it's zip.ca here.

reader #2 what up sista!

RocketQueen said...

thankee-sai, jacks!

chihuahuense said...

the RHW of NJ need to learn how to dress, and that turban looks ridiculous!

the Olsens look aiight, except for those stupid puckered lip smiles.

Green Wave Gal said...

Hi ladies! :) I am Reader #2! That was taken this past September during my AMAZING trip to Australia and New Zealand. LOVED IT (especially Sydney)!

<3 you too Jillian!!!!

lutefisk said...

Beautiful reader photos as usual.
Hi Reader #2--I wasn't sure where you were, but I knew it wasn't Hicksville!

Jackie C said...

Hi lovely cdan readers - I am reader #1! I get my daily fix of Enty from Ireland, and the photo is of me and my man during a stay in Brussels...and yes, the beer and Marlboros were delish!

__-__=__ said...

Excellent pic Jackie!! I also want to go drinking with Marisa. Surely that would be a good, good time!


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