Friday, June 11, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

It's the 50th anniversary of the Playboy Bunny so Holly Madison was happy to help out. For a fee.
If it is cloudy and rainy with a bunch of young people then it must be Isle Of Wight Festival time.
Randomness. Jason Bateman and Renee Zellweger. I actually think she just came as Bradley Cooper's date. They were there for the launch of Dumbdumb which is Jason and
Will Arnett's new company.
Also there was the aforementioned Bradley Cooper, Justin Long, and Zach Gallifavritreyihei-ei-o.
Oh, and Amanda Peet who said that having a baby at 41 is too old.
John Goodman back in the day.
John Goodman last night. Hope he got paid by a weight loss company.
Jamie Lee Curtis and her daughter.
Oprah and her new best friend Julia Roberts. Gayle is the one who has been pushed to the side there.
Yeah Jay Roach, you better keep a close hold on Susanna Hoffs. I am always ready to jump in.
The man who always makes me laugh, John C Reilly.
John Stamos needs a girlfriend. I'm tired of always seeing him alone.


ellapetal said...

Dear Amanda Peet, I want to like you, I really do. But then you open your mouth.

John Goodman looks GREAT! Good for him.

Is it me or do we never see Jamie Lee and Christopher Guest together?

Thank you, Jason Bateman, for remaining dreamy since Silver Spoons. It's nice to have a constant in my life.

captivagrl said...

John Goodman looking very handsome and healthy. Keep it that way John, love ya!

Jasmine said...

Oh lord where should I start?!

Renee looks crazy! I just wish she was the sweet ditzy brit from Bridget Jones' Diary instead of a coked out emaciated insecure actress. It so sad to even look at her if you compare the bigger and happier Bridget to this pic right here :(

And I totally wanted a dum dum when i saw what Arnett and Bateman's new production co is called! HA!

As for Oprah and Julia-- look at the hands held together, look at how truely happy Oprah looks, that is some real affection right there. Its nice to see her happy~

Jasmine said...

~or to see ANYONE happy in a pic, it made me smile :D

Jessica said...

John Stamos needs to get with Jennifer Aniston. They're both Greek, same age range, someone needs to introduce them.

jess said...

We're seing a lot of Jason Bateman lately, I like it :)
-John Goodman looks good, he looks healthier.

chopchop said...

Totally agree, Jason Bateman has been one fine man for a loooong time.

I love the Arnetts. Amy Poehler doesn't look very big in this photo. When is she due?

I think Christopher Guest isn't seen very often because he doesn't really do Hollywood red carpet things. Which makes me love him all the more.

I never liked John Stamos before but I have to admit he has aged very very well. I'm glad he & Rebecca Romaine Lettuce split. I just don't like the cut of her jib.

RocketQueen said...

I love the Arnetts (mostly Will), too.

I really really like Jamie Lee C. She is so vocal and active and has always been such a refreshing physical departure from most actresses in the leads of movies.

I imagine Julia saying "WHO'S GAYLE?!" in this picture.

Who was Amanda referring to specifically? Agree with the poster who said she should shut her pie hole.

Cancan said...

That BI I thought was Colm Meany? Maybe it's John C. Reilly. Nah, probably still Colm Meany. Now I just need to find the BI.

RJ said...

If I weren't married, I'd volunteer for that John Stamos Girlfriend job. His posters hung on my bedroom walls back in his General Hospital days, and he's even better-looking today.

Ditto for Jason Bateman, also someone I've pined for since the 80s.

Rene Z. would really look better if she weren't so sinewy. She's too hard. I'm all for being fit, but she needs a softer body. She's got those scary Madonna arms.

John Goodman seems to have gotten it right. He's slimmed down (but not too down, he's still man-sized)and looking good! Doesn't he live in New Orleans? Man, what a hard city to lose weight in!

New Life and Attitude said...

Heck I'm married and I'll volunteer to be John Stamos' girlfriend. = )

But I actually liked another poster's idea of him and Jennifer Aniston getting together. I think they would make a great looking couple.

Sinjin said...

"If it is cloudy and rainy with a bunch of young people then it must be Isle Of Wight Festival time."

***OR: Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, or Vancouver (both of them)!

disenchanted said...

John Goodman looks great! I like him and I have to admit I was a little concerned for his health.

I like John Stamos if only for the fact that he made my best friend's day about 15 years ago. He was signing autographs at the World of Wheels and my friend was a huuuuge fan of his at the time. She is also in a wheelchair.

He was up on a platform and my friend couldn't go up the steps. She pulled around to the side of the stage and he jumped down and gave her a hug. He signed everything she had with her and took pictures with us. He was super nice.

Fara_546 said...

Wow John goodman looks fantastic - I have to admit he was concerning me a little with how he looked in Treme.

Also, what I wouldn't give to work for Jason Bateman and Will Arnett...

chihuahuense said...

Good to here Stamos is as nice as he is good looking. I, too, think he and Aniston would be a good match.

Renee does seem like a shell of her old self.

Amanda Peet-such a dumb fuck. Truly. I mean, she is probably one of those people that belittles people all the time with her "I-know-everything" ways, and then wonders why she doesn't have any friends.

John Goodman looks awesome!

what's up with the white shoes everywhere, John C. Reilly? I'd like to see my husband try.

Unknown said...

And Amanda Peet can kindly shut. The. F*ck. Up. Forever. How dare that twit!!! My mom had my sister at 42 and nobody in our family was any worse for wear. Families are not governed by biology, age, race, gender or some other societal traditions. It is love, plain and simple. Maybe if she had some love for herself and ate a f*cking cheeseburger every now and again, she'd know to shut her hole and keep her judgements to herself.

Henriette said...

I am 40 and pregnant for the first time, shut up Amanda Peet!

John Stamos is too good for Jennifer Aniston. He is proud of his Greek heritage and she shuns hers. Besides, she is a tobacco smoking pothead. John can do better.

Rebecca "Don't Call Me Becky" Romaine Lettuce is an attention whore who screwed up.

Mango said...

Bring ONNN the Jason Bateman pics! Too many is not enough.

I have always loathed John Goodman. Fat or not he is not amusing. I know some people who have worked with him who have said he is an utter bastard to work with.

Wow Susanna Hoffs and Jay Roach have been together forever... go them!

johnnybnotsogoodman said...

I wonder if the stress over his lost sex video has caused actor John Goodman to lose weight.


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