Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Four parts today.

Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Simon Baker enjoys foot longs. Come on. I had to. It was so easy. And no, he is not gay. It was a joke.
Shakira getting ready to perform in South Africa.
Shihad - Auckland
I have a feeling Martina McBride doesn't have any clue who Snooki is.
I haven't seen Susan Sarandon out much lately. Probably too busy playing ping pong.
Meat Loaf and Steven Van Zandt can't believe they actually lived this long.
A huge crowd for Todd Bridges yesterday at his book signing. Not the best timing title wise though.
That is about as big as Teri Hatcher can smile at this point.
Oh, I love The Like. I guess I should say I like The Like, but that seems repetitive.
Tinsely Mortimer and Kim Kardashian at a Skee Ball tournament. It is all about how you handle the balls. Again, way too easy.
Tori Spelling would like to remind us again that she is not anorexic.
Zelda Williams has much less hair than her dad Robin.


Lady J said...

Tori looks disgusting. I think her daughter's arms and legs are bigger than hers.

Meg said...

Hi Readers!!
#1 you are my hero. I am too chicken to zipline.

These captions cracked me up...

SkeeBall Tournament!?! I want to play!

OMG @ Tori's arms

Jillian S. said...

It's pretty crazy that the child of Robin Williams is so much hotter than the child of Demi Moore.

MontanaMarriott said...

OMG Teri Hatcher is CRUELA DE VILLE, arrrgh that face is scary, I think she had something really bad done.

Damn Tori, you are the Karen Carpenter story just waiting to happen.

Missjenny619 said...

Tori's boobs make me want to dry heave. Her left boob in particular. I bet she looks just terrible naked. I can't believe I'm even trying to picture that. Oh gawd, here comes the dry-heaves!!

lmnop123 said...

Tori has a story in People magazine where she talks about being afraid that Dean will cheat on her. Ha! Ha! Talk about karma! No wonder she's anorexic. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I love skee ball!! It's all in the twist of the wrist.

Tori is hideous. Do these anorexic sticks with the huge round fake boobs realize how awful they look? She's got to gain about 40 lb. just to be a butterface.

RocketQueen said...

Tori. Those boobs. I beg you. For someone so concerned about appearances, she really has no clue.

Hasn't Todd Bridges already written a book? I mean, how many memoirs can you write?

Is Sarandon wearing two different shoes or is her right foot injured?

Great reader pics today!

Unknown said...

I am loving the Steve Van Zandt pics on here lately. Believe or not, he's such a great guy IRL, if not a little weird.

chihuahuense said...

Susan must have had a ping pong injury.

Tori, yeah, Karma's a bitch. I bet she's thinking about that poor other woman when she's starving herself. Listen. Make amends, ask for forgiveness, and then move on. Your body image problem is not something you want to pass on to the kiddos.

That girl with Kim is wearing the same stupid dress as LeAnn Rimes.

As much as I hate to give Tori Hatcher a compliment, she is smoking in that picture!

Both Reader pictures are funny!

captivagrl said...

How does she lug around those implants? How does she have the strength? And they're not pretty, at all.

Anonymous said...

Tori's boobs look weird. She needs to put some fat on her body.

jess said...

Hey readers! #1 that's a great photo, where was it?
-reader #2 who are you?
-The kick off concert was good. Shakira and Juanes were great but Fergie is starting to lose her voice(imho)
-"killing willis" oh..
-did Teri went back to botox?
-oh Tori...those things you call boobs are hurting my eyes.

RJ said...

Tori looks horrible, but it's those breasts more than her extreme gauntness that's making us all want to puke. She actually has a little muscle tone in her arms, they aren't just bones. But those horrible implants! She either needs to have them removed or gain about 30 - 40 pounds.

FoxyLoxy said...

Enty, thank you for the Shihad love!

Tenley said...

I feel old reading these comments. Way back in the day when she was on 90210 everyone commented on Tori's boobs looking awful/ridiculous/fake (though the rest of her body was more healthy). I'm just surprised anyone is surprised is all.

RJ said...

I'm guessing someone took Snooki aside as some point and taught her that pose, and ONLY that pose. I'm beginning to think that she's frozen in that pose and with that stupid expression on her face. I am absolutely sure that Martina has no clue who she is.

hromaki said...

I don't get the ping pong comment re: Susan Sarandon. Help a girl out?

amazonblue said...

D&D - Susan Sarandon's new boy toy (he's in his 30's) is some type of ping pong kingpin. She left Tim Robbins for him last summer.

Patty said...

Those boobs look ridiculous on Tori's body.

js said...

Enty, if you love The Like, you might like The Young Veins. The Young Veins' frontman is dating The Like's frontwoman, and Z Berg and Alex Greenwald really helped The Young Veins get their first album, Take A Vacation, off the ground. It was just released yesterday, and is streaming on the band's myspace page - They could REALLY benefit from a plug, if you check them out and like them. :)

amh.producer said...

I'm reader #1. Ziplining in Playa del Carmen. I was chicken at first but then it was SO fun!

Been here since the beginning, don't post much and didn't ever want to send a picture, but then I had a fun one (cause I can't compete with the cuteness of those on this site!!!) FYI, this blog was the only reason I got a gmail account! :-)

Anonymous said...

Um, Pamela Anderson looks just as she is: rode hard and put away wet!

Does Simon Baker wear a hairpiece?? Please say it ain't so!

chihuahuense said...

lol@amh.producer, well if definitely looks like you are having fun!

wonderdiva said...

LOL Missjenny619!

Fabulous! said...

reader #1 you're a little crazy!! in a good way :)

#2 i'll have a beer with you anytime!

snooki with martina mcbride is probably the most random and awkward pairing i've ever seen!

teri hatcher looks really good there. and healthy

tori on the other hand... gosh, she seems really sweet, it's sad she had such body/weight issues.

zelda looks nothing like her father (probably a good thing lol)

Mango said...

Okay now we know that Reader #1 is crazy and Reader #2 likes the juice, lol.

I saw a photo montage at some website of Snookie in various dresses at various events and she was posing the same way each time, with the same annoying smirk. No wonder this girl gets punched!

Jeez, I guess Kim K would show up anywhere to get her picture taken.

YIKES at Tori Spelling's chest and arms!

J-Mo said...

I wish Todd Bridges memoir was called "Whut I'm Talkin Bout"

Unknown said...

Cool that you've put Shihad in there :-) They are amazing live. One of my fav kiwi bands.

Tori just looks damn scary.

Unknown said...

Lets play a new game I just copyrighted and received a patent for. Who weighs more, Teri Hatcher or the dress?

Next one, who weighs more, Tori Spelling or the kid?

Who weighs more, Kim Kardashian's butt or Hatcher & Spelling put together?

What weighs more, Susan Sarandon's breasts or Kim Kardashian's butt? That's a tough one!

MnGddess said...

Does Susan Sarandon refer to her boyfriend as a "ping-pong kingpin"??? LMAO

Reader #1 - WTF??? You are CRAZY!!! I wish I could do that. Whhere were you?

Reader #2 - Thanks for the beer, but I prefer vodka. Oh, wait - they're BOTH for you? K...


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