Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Three parts today.

Their is some new thing in Vegas called Mob Experience. To promote it they brought in some relatives of very famous mobsters. The woman on the left is the daughter of Bugsy Siegel. I would say she is an angry woman. The two on the right are the grandchildren of Meyer Lansky.
Maggie Gyllenhaal in New York with her daughter. And she even packed a lunch. I love how her daughter looks both ways before getting into the street.
Roseanne's couch first showed up on Cate Blanchett as a dress. Now it has evolved into a scarf.
Isn't Mena Suvari about to get married or something?
I love Michael Weatherly's suit. On me though I would like a reversed ice cream sandwich.
Nicole Richie looking very lovely in London last night.
Obviously Camila doesn't let Prince Charles play with scissors. Have you ever seen someone more excited to hold a pair?
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
I think there have been too few Sofia Milos pictures in the photos. I should remedy that.
Seth MacFarlane - Hollywood
The ex of Katy Perry. His new song Billionaire sticks in your head like you would not believe. I'm warning you not to listen.
Carmen Electra checks out The Situation.
Some kind of squat thrust from Victoria Beckham.


Maja With a J said...

I love Seth MacFarlane. The weird thing is I had a dream about him last night. Nothing dirty. I just met him and he was nice, but I could not stop making Family Guy jokes. Could. Not. Stop. I kept thinking to myself "stop it with the Brian Griffin references", and I COULDN'T. I was still a little embarrassed when I woke up.

mooshki said...

It's SO TRUE about that 'Billionaire' song! I've heard it twice on the radio, and both times I had it in my head for days afterward.

RocketQueen said...

Sigh. What Harriet said about Seth. He's just the greatest...oh and that voice!

Hey readers!

I've always wondered why Mena doesn't work more often. She's really good.

Momster said...

Michael Weatherly makes my heart go pitter-patter.

MontanaMarriott said...

The Situation has lost his abs, they looked so much hotter before.

BTW I am sooo lusting Victoria Beckham's pumps, those are HAUTE!

Liza said...

Yay readers! Am loving that gorilla sand sculpture.

Against my better judgment, I'm gonna look up the billionaire song.

@MontanaMarriot I am hoping the sooner he loses those abs, the sooner he goes away!

angelina said...

Seth McFarlane is so hot to me!!! mm mmm

Selock said...

Is that some kind of reveal...I know a lot of people were guessing K.Perry (and I'd assume, T. McCoy) for the gal cheating on her current bf with an ex...

Nosey Parker said...

I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
Buy all of the things I never had
I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

Susan said...

I'd love to know what Victoria Beckham eats in a day. My guess is a leaf of lettuce, protein bar and vodka martinis to take the edge off.

Nicole Richie looks amazing. I hope my bod is that hot after my bambino comes in the fall. Whew.

bionic bunny! said...

as usual, gorgeous readers!
number 2, you MUST out yourself!! is that your gorilla? and what beach? i SO want to hang with you!! i'll bring the tequila!

jess said...

Nicole has change, in the right way, a lot!
-Great readers' photos. beautiful eyees #1. C'mon #2 who are you? that was so funny.
-Billionaire! yes, it's stuck in my head.

Icecat said...

Thanks Jess! Those are my eyes! Sorry for the cheesy pic :) Had to choose from my work computer... I call that my Eeyore face.
Can I just tell you all that I had the SHITTIEST day at work, so to come here and see my pic posted brightened my day! Thanks Enty!!

Love the reader #2 pic :) TOO FUNNY!!

I'm so happy for nicole. I've always been rooting for her... LOVE Seth he just such a cutie...

MnGddess said...

Ladies!!! Seth MacF did that special on Family Guy, and ever since then he has struck me as slimy. And Family Guy was better when they focused on the baby trying to kill the mom rather than how "ugly" the sister is. that joke is so old now its dust has dust.

And thanks, Enty - now I have to go listen to Billionaire.

Mango said...

Mary Kate (that must be Mary Kate b'c she's the odd one) looks like a little hunched over troll in that pic.

Mena Suvari looks great!

I've always liked Nicole Richie but girl needs to stand up straight and pull her pelvis in.

Great reader photos but is that really water in that bottle, #2?

I guess I'm one of the very few people in the free world who does not watch Family Guy. I know I sound like a priss, but I think it's crass.

Carmen Electra is hardly A-List but why is she SLUMMING with that Jersey jerk?

Ms. said...

I'm huge fan of Family Guy, but lately, less so of Seth. Seems like he doesn't have enough 'No' people in his life and he's also become unbearably pompous, IMO. He needs to shut up and quit shoving his mug into promos for the show.

BTW, great reader photos.

Just Another Blonde said...

Enty it's Travie McCoy and he's amazing and awesome and SO MUCH MORE than just KP's ex ;)

Sorry, had to get that off my chest,,,

Just Another Blonde said...

Oh and Nicole is gorgeous and we have hot readers on CDAN... I need to get my photo in to Enty- is it too late?

Just Another Blonde said...

OK I emailed it, let's see if it makes it in! Bad pic of me too... *sigh*

amh.producer said...

I have never submitted my photo but decided to this year!

amh.producer said...

I have never submitted my photo but decided to this year!

RocketQueen said...

Nice to see you, Icecat! :)

Icecat said...

Thanks, RocketQueen!

Will we be seeing you in the randoms?


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