Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

This is Goga Ashkenazi. She is allegedly Gerard Butler's new girlfriend. She is also a billionaire.
Johnny Borrell out in London yesterday.
Jason Bateman said he would kiss Dustin Hoffman all over again.
Did Jackie Chan color his hair?
One of the greatest actors ever, John Hurt.
Jane Lynch in Monte Carlo. Hope she is combining this work trip with a little honeymoon.
John Mayer compares abs with The Situation.
John Travolta with his wife and daughter in South Africa.
Yeah, yeah, it's Kelly Bensimon, but I am more interested in the wonderful combination behind her. BBQ and Cold Stone. Hello heaven.
Kirk Hammett and his wife Lani.
First time appearances for Kate Pakenham and Mercedes Ruehl.
Kellie Pickler kisses Sheryl Crow's eye while Kid Rock and David Spade look on.
The funniest part of the CMT show last night. Kenan Thompson and Reba McEntire.
The back of Kat von D.


chopchop said...

I've had a crush on Kirk Hammett since junior high. He's even getting better with age.

selenakyle said...

Wow, Goga Ashkenazi is stunning!

MontanaMarriott said...

Please don't tell me Reba had work done too?!?! I love her just the way she is!

That coldstone and BBQ's is in Time Square, Enty. Next time you are in town, my treat!

Gee Travolta now all you need is a Native American, a Construction Worker, A Cop and your ready for a Disco world tour, lol

LOL looks like the Situation is playing with his nipple, lol

Jane Lynch is WHITE, grrrl go get some Sun.

Well Goga looks like a Trannie so Gerard must be in HEAVEN

RocketQueen said...

You beat me to it, Montana! Reba's starting to look like a drag queen.

Ugh. I've been sitting here thinking who would I LEAST like to have sex with - John Mayer or the Situation. I can't decide. I really can't.

Anonymous said...

I'm always amused by Travolta wearing the pilot uniform while flying his plane. Surely they can be flown while wearing jeans and a sweatshirt?

lmnop123 said...

Gerard is trading up. Good for him.

Jackie Chan got a dye job. So what's the issue? Gray does NOT look good on everybody. :)

mooshki said...

Why did you do that to yourself, Reba? :'(

Goga is way out of Gerard Butler's disease-ridden league.

chihuahuense said...

Reba is as fake as her accent.

Is RHWofNY reunion on tonight? Can't wait to see sKellyton be her normal nutjob self.

Yeah, the pilot wear is so funny!

Jackie Chan is hot. I think he looks good, dye job or not.

Missjenny619 said...

I love Kat Von D. I can't help it, I think she is just super awesome. She is so very talented and seems like a nice girl.

jess said...

I would definitely kiss Jason Bateman (sigh)

@chopchop I know!!! Kirk H. is looking even hotter!

RJ said...

Reba really does look like she's had major work done. That's too bad. I've always thought that she was naturally very pretty. Now she's got that weird "surprised" look.

amazonblue said...

Ditto Syko - I wonder how the plane can get off the ground with an ego that big.

I have no idea who Kirk Hammett is.

Mayer needs some manscaping.

Joan Rivers needs to spend next season of her show concentrating on all the Russian billionaires. That would generate some ratings.

Patty said...

Is there some kind of law you need to dress like a pilot to fly a plan, even if you own it?

selenakyle said...

Ewww, Cold Stone is straight-up ick, nast!

The "ice cream" is all guar-gummy and carageenan-y and I don't trust that stone thing to be one bit sanitary.

Lolita Breckenridge said...

Can someone tell me if Kat Von D's hair is naturally that red? I just can't tell.

mooshki said...

"I wonder how the plane can get off the ground with an ego that big."

All the hot air helps with the lift.

MISCH said...


JJ said...

Love the comments on Travolta's uniform. You all took the words right out of my mouth.

lanasyogamama said...


lanasyogamama said...

Sorry about the other.

That Sheryl Crow party looks fun.

I seriously can't decide if Mayer looks fit or fat in that pic. His tummy is round, but he has those side things.

Momster said...

Jason Bateman said he would kiss Momster all over again.

There, I fixed it.

wonderdiva said...

From the look of Mayer's little round tummy, I'd say that it was morning sickness that led to the cancellation of his tour dates.

Fabulous! said...

i am absolutely dyyying for goga ashkenazi's gown there... try to imagine in in a creamy white- it'd make a stunning weddding gown!

congrats to jane lynch and her wife, i hope they got a nice trip together!

john mayer and the situation in the same pic? douchebag overload, i can't handle it

i get that kelly bensimon is crazy and probably doesn't know any better, but will she please stop wearing tshirts as dresses? yes, you have a bangin body, but you know the saying "just because you CAN doesn't mean you should!"

i agree with everyone about kirk hammet, what a handsome man. talented and (from what i've heard) a sincerely nice guy

reba just didn't need all that work on her face :(

i just don't understand what the difference is between kat von d and any girl from the hills, besides the tattoos. yes, i'm serious.

Mango said...

I lub me some Jason Bateman.

Jackie Chan is allowed to color his hair. It's the only thing on his body he hasn't broken while doing stunts.

Yay! Jane Lynch!

*gags* at John Mayer and The Situation pic. Neither look great, in fact John has some dorky hair going on.

I think John Travolta popped a button on his flight uniform.

Saw the RHWONY reunion tonight. Verdict? Kelly still crazy, but it's less noticeable if she "zips it".

@ Christine - Kat Von D's hair color has got to be out of a box. (Nothing wrong with that; so's mine, but mine's not magenta or fuchsia or whatever shade that is.)

PotPourri said...

What the hell is wrong with Kat Von D's hair. How dumb.

Think115 said...

Love, Love, Love Mercedes Ruehl! She's still adorable.

mygeorgie said...

I get the feeling John found the uniform, THEN went out and got his license. Sorta like buying the shoes before the dress.

Jason Batemen gets more scrumptious every year :)

Amy in MI said...

@amazonblue - Kirk Hammett is the longtime guitarist from Metallica, and the one with the smallest ego...Nice guy, replaced Dave Mustaine, who got kicked out of a band nicknamed "Alcoholica" for being a drunk

<3 Kirk, but Jason Newsted was my favorite after Cliff died...they really f'd him.

chihuahuense said...

lol@ crazy Kelly comments

Unknown said...

I love Jane Lynch and it seems she came out of nowhere recently to get all these plum roles. She deserves them she's that good. Having said that I bet she has the largest dildo one could ever possibly find & then purchase over the internet. I have that much faith in her prowess.

Sinjin said...

I lub me some Jason Bateman too. He was great in The Kingdom, his being in danger freaked me the hell out!

Travolta's uniform: I just can't with him playing dress up.

putchka said...

Travolta is the spokesman for Qantas Airlines and was doing publicity that day - hence the uniform. So give the poor guy a break!

Unknown said...

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