Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Lo Bosworth in training for her MMA career.
Speaking of working out, I am wagering that Lucy Lawless and Peter Mensah probably hit the gym regularly.
Marc Anthony just keeps shrinking.
Miley Cyrus classing it up as usual.
Norah Jones - New York City
The most awkward kiss of the day.
Goodness Nick Rhodes is a good looking guy.
Baywatch, The Retirement Years.
Rage Against The Machine - Arnhem, The Netherlands
Rosanna Arquette is set to become the first celebrity to choke herself to death on her phone cord.
In case Russell Brand ever wants a replacement for Katy Perry he found one.
Continuing my Party Down love, the episode with Rick Fox is hilarious.
Long time no see Rachel Leigh Cook.
Robert Pattinson on the set of his new movie.


Anonymous said...

WTF, Miley? Ever hear of a slip?

MontanaMarriott said...

JLo looks like a wax figure, lol

Cheryl said...

I've loved Nick Rhodes since 1982!

RocketQueen said...

Miley is looking more and more like Britney 2.0.

Erm, sorry, Enty. But Nick Rhodes is officially not good looking anymore. His face looks weird from the work he's obviously had done.

Sigh. I'm in the process of eating a box of 10 Timbits, and Lo Bosworth is making me feel guilty. Begone, Lo!

Paige Mills said...

I think Miley may be wearing a beach coverup.

Anonymous said...

I love Lucy Lawless and Peter Mensah on Spartacus

Ms. Buckteeth Cyrus.

That kiss sure looks passionate Nicole. No wonder she is called the Frozen Queen, shows no feelings at all.

Can't stand trashy Anderson.

lmnop123 said...

Miley has looked worse.

Rob Pattinson looks like he's in a Children Of The Corn movie.

chihuahuense said...

I don't know Rick Fox personally, but he represents the picture of douchiness to me.

So does that Russell guy.

Man, Pam is skank-o-riffic.

jess said...

Lucy Lawless looks amazing!
-Nick Rhodes ♥

amazonblue said...

I wonder how old Nick Rhodes tie is, so circa 1984.

Miley deserves a break, she's got sand on her feet. Beach day.

Is Pam still living in a trailer? Haven't heard about her $$$ troubles lately.

blog hopper said...

I love that Rob P. is in this movie because the book was very good :)

Donna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donna said...

Not only is Nick Rhodes fabulously good looking, he is also super-smart and fun to talk to. I was at a private party in Miami about two years ago when DD was in town, and I spent about an hour (!!!) talking to Nick. Heaven! And, interesting! He kept asking me about ME as if I was interesting, as compared to HIM. I was in awe.

Mindy said...

Miley looks okay for a teen. As someone said, she's sporting beachwear. Nothing wrong with that.

Awkward kiss? Meh. Nicole is probably unable to pucker with all the botox she's had injected into her face.

It's sad when aging celebs don't just embrace it. It is liberating. We all end up old and wrinkled in the end, but there's not too many things sadder than seeing a woman desperately trying to hang onto her former hotness (hello, Pam).

JJ said...

LMAO at the Marc Anthony comment. So true!

texannnnn said...

LOVE Lucy Lawless, ever since seeing her waiting for a flight in Auckland airport a few years ago... dressed down, little/no makeup, not making a THING about her celbrity status. She was totally like any1 else waiting for the delayed plane, and no one really took any notice of her. I caught her eye just after figuring her out, and got a few winks from her :)... later, while in line with tiny son for the toilets, she came down the aisle from Bus Class, looking for a steward. She saw us and made a big deal over my son. Son is now 13, and LOVES her! lol

Now, re the other born-kiwi in the pic's, Keith Urban... he'd BETTER be kissing that plastic wife of his for the pics as much as possible, he's gotta be wondering what Belinda Carlisle has to say about some of their years ago sex and drugs romps in her new book (unless she's being kind and leaving him out???) Trust, it wasn't pretty to see

chihuahuense said...

hm, interesting texannnn, very interesting!

wonderdiva said...

Is Norah Jones into a Patsy Cline phase? WTF is up with that dress?

cricket said...

Keith would get more heat if he tried kissing an ice sculpture.

Fabulous! said...

marc anthony would look so much better with a smaller woman (well, any woman other than jlo would be an improvement)

i actually really like what miley is wearing. i have no idea what it is, but it looks "romantic"

looks like russel brand is trading up!

wtf rick fox? why is he tanning? he has such a nice complextion without the faux tanning

ugh rachel leigh cook is so pretty... she really reminds me of giada (don't remeber her last name, but the one on food network). especially with the hair!

Mango said...

Marc Anthony best be careful. I'm sure JLo could snap him like a twig.

That looks like a parking line painted on the ground in the Miley pic. Wonder if she's headed toward a public bathroom in her bare feet à la Britney?

I've always liked Rachel Leigh Cook ever since I saw her on Punked. She was in a restaurant with a date and the blundering "waiter" was screamed at and humiliated horribly by his "manager". She handled the whole thing with kindness and compassion even though they had the waiter totally effing up her order.

Elle said...

Stupid question but if you are the captain of your own airplane, do you really need to wear the hat and the suit? Isn't it just a given that you are the cap'n? Aren't the outfits commercial pilots wear just a 'uniform' ??

Unknown said...

Miley Cyrus makes me feel ashamed of being White. She's the ultimate trailer park trash you'd find in the dumpster. Now I have to go shower!

Sherry R. said...

Marc Anthony looks an awful lot like my ex in that pic.

I just have never found him attractive.

MnGddess said...

Lord help me, but Russell Brand is growing on me. I bet if you cut his hair and cleaned him up he would be quite good looking.

And I do enjoy Katy Perry.

Kinsey Holley said...

Don't feel bad, mngdess, Russell Brand's been making me smile for a long time. He just seems sweet, and I have to believe that he's found Twu Wuv with Katie. They're adorable.


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