Thursday, July 26, 2007

Afternoon Links

Naomi Watts FINALLY gives birth. Would you believe it was actually early? I say it because I don't know the sex yet.

The Lindsay 911 tape from the chase.

Rumer Willis involved in drug bust.

Britney may have violated her custody agreement.

Tom Cruise extortion plot. Your federal tax dollars at work.

Paris was doing drugs the other night. Maybe that's why she wanted to see what Cisco was offering. But how could Paris be doing drugs? She's never used them remember.

The cheap no tipping bitch and the evil EL ate lunch at Chateau Marmont. Two reasons to spit in the food or if we're really lucky the waiters pulled a Road Trip. I want to know if they left a tip and how much it was.


jlb said...

People says it's a boy but they didn't have a name.

Unknown said...

When Paris said on Larry King Live that she had never used drugs, I knew that she'll live to regret THAT lie, at least. She'll be caught red handed for the rest of her pathetic life. I personally don't consider MJ a drug, but am willing to make an exeption for her. He he.

Unknown said...

Alexander Pete Schreiber said...

Wonder what was going on in those Tom Cruise photos?

Unknown said...

does this tom cruise thing remind anyone else of a blind item in which a photographer had secret shots of a star who was beating his g-friend (who later became his wife) and then the update said he'd gone to a UK mag but wasn't offered enough and was in negotiations with the star himself? Wasn't there a hint that the real shot he was after was not the one with the battery but something else? I mean, it seems strange to me that Cruise et. al. would get upset over wedding pictures being leaked - - there must be something else in those pics. Just a thought.

Maureen said...

No, snfrune, this Tom Cruise thing reminds me of the BI in which a photographer had been hanging around for quite some time, whilst waiting for the "money shot". The celeb's wife went out of town (or on vacation) and I think ENT said something about getting caught with his "friend" of the same sex! I can't find the BI, and I may be wrong, but that's what my memory is telling me.

Anonymous said...

In case you're interested, this is what I posted on the Lonelygirl15 forum. I got a free preview to I Know Who Killed Me.

Hey guys, just got back from an early screening for this movie. I had high hopes that Jessica [Rose-Lonelygirl15] would rise above what looked like a bad movie. Unfortunately, she has about 5 lines, and is in the movie for I would guess less than 10 minutes. She's not even listed in the opening credits.

What's even worse, is that the movie is HORRIBLE. Admittedly, I'm not the target audience for this movie (late 20s, male, midwestern), and I like to think I know enough about film to get me through the day. I am the kind of guy who even if I REALLY have to pee, will wait until the end of the movie and book it to the restroom. I didn't care, I went, and I didn't miss anything except some of the stripping stuff that we saw in the trailer.

There isn't an in-focus shot in the whole movie, and the script is horrible. The entire audience laughed at the big scenes at the end of the movie. They weren't supposed to be funny.

In my teens, I watched many a bad direct-to-video movie and this has all the hallmarks.
Star who should be the highlight of the film: Lohan (check) Lonelygirl15-Jessica Rose (check)
Fading stars: Julia Ormond (check)
TV actors who you'll recognize but probably not remember their names: Neal McDonough ("guy with those intense blue eyes and bad blonde dye job" check), Paula Marshall ("girl who looks like Janeane Garofalo, but isn't as PMS-y" check)
Poor production values: the aforementioned out of focus camera, and (not yet mentioned) bad lighting (check)
Cheesy script that uses all the cliches: I won't give out any spoilers, but (check)
Gives away the ending by the end of the first half hour: If you pay attention to what people say and do (check)

This is clearly a wait for the cheapy theater, video, or youtube movie. I'm sorry to drop the bad news everyone.

CincyNat said...

Wasn't Naomi in New York last week? She gave birth in LA. Did she fly that pregnant? I thought that was a no-no.

Kelsey said...

can i just say i love the tag of "cheap no tip leaving bitch" LOL

nicolee9723 said...

I was thinking the same thing about Tom Cruise and the BI...I doubt anyone would be extorting Tom Cruise for $ for the wedding pictures that we all have seen a million times....there must be something juicy in there....

mooshki said...

Blind item revealed? Britney's new assistant who was just fired didn't sign a confidentiality agreement!

mooshki said...

"I'm sorry to drop the bad news everyone."

LOL, I wouldn't worry - I doubt anyone was expecting anything else.

Unknown said...

sfnrune and maureen - it's the same BI. Maureen - I don't think EL said anything about that though. I think that's what we suggested.

I think it's a BI revealed. EL can't say though. :)

Kim's World said...

i believe that the photos wasnt actually wedding photo but tom's people saying it was that so it doesnt really say the real reason. i mean who would call anybody trying to extort weddings pictures that everyone has seen. the extortion list of work include paris, colin, and screech tapes so why would giving wedding pictures to tom make it the big money is because its not but rather something suggestive.

merrick said...

definitely not wedding pics .. this pap got the money shots and instead of paying the piper .. tom called in the FBI ..will they get to see the pics? sounds like bi where the pap was waiting and finally got what he wanted ...this dude is known for his collection of celebs in compromising positions (pardon the pun)!


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