Thursday, July 26, 2007

Random Photos Part One

"Hi, we're Kimora and Russell and we invited everyone here today including the media so we could display our little kids to the world. Simone would call it whoring out. No one knows who Simone is, but she used that phrase today for something else and it's kind of catchy.

Katharine McPhee co-hosted TRL yesterday. After yesterday, I'm guessing it will be her first and only time co-hosting.
Of course, Katharine is still more exciting than Ms. Danes.

Even her cleavage is boring. And yes, even her bare breasts can be boring as well. Although I'm sure the teenagers watching the program in Canada enjoyed the view.(NSFW)
Speaking of breasts. Damn CZJ looks like she got some big new bouncy ones.
Today is be nice to Haylie Duff today. She's even going to be in the blog again as she was a very busy lady last night. The reason it's be nice to Haylie is that she decided to go out on her own last night and not use her sister. Also, she looks pretty good, and, Molly said Haylie was really sweet at the Tweety Collection launch party so there you have it.
Heather does her best sex symbol look. It kind of looks forced, but she still looks good. God. Two nice comments consecutively. I need to arrange these things better.


Simone said...

LOL! Thanks for the shout out Ent! These people are totally whoring out. :p

Anonymous said...

"molly said" as in Molly Sims?

Unknown said...

Could 'Simone' be Kimora's gay lover?
CZJ is starting to look old these days. I'm starting to believe that she lies about her age.

Unknown said...

CZJ new bouncies = recent BI?


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