Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bourne Ultimatum Premiere

You know I talk a bunch of crap about Ben Affleck, but to give him his due, he does look really good here, and I love the suit.
Ellen Pompeo looks like she is wasting away. Eat some food woman. Look at the person almost out of the frame and then look at Ellen.
Joan Allen hasn't caught up to Ellen Barkin...yet
I didn't know nuns could get pregnant. Oh yes she is. (pregnant that is, not a nun. Although if Tori Spelling can become a minister on the internet, then I guess anything is possible.)
Let me start by saying I like Julia Stiles and think she's a fine actress. She is also gives Claire Danes a run for her money in absolute lethargy. I'm not sure what purpose she serves in any of the Bourne movies except for the fact the producers must have a warm spot in their hearts for her.
The newly engaged Rachel Nichols. Congratulations Rachel.

Peter B. wore the same damn thing at the Soprano's finale. Is it his trademark? His only clothes? To let everyone know he's a director? To make him look younger than his 70 years when he's out with a 20 year old? What? Just tell us Peter.
"So, you're what 15 minutes sober?" "That's a start." It's satire people. Satire.
Hollywood Gothic
Makes me want to sing that R.E.M song "Shiny Happy People."


Unknown said...

Wow- that is some crazy stretched out neck on Joan ... yuck - doesnt she have the diva demands of no side-shots?
And I've heard it isnt the putting the food in the mouth that is a problem w/Ellen - it is the keeping it down there later... she needs to skip the toilet after each and every meal...

Pinky said...

I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist, so take this with a grain of salt - but remember the BI about the actress who gets top $$ even though she's not A-List because she boffed some bigwig? You think Enty's entry about Julia Styles might be in reference to that?

YahMoBThere said...

Pinky, the only thing that leads me to say no on that is that the blind said she's making A-list money and if you looked at the list of the top paid actresses, Stiles wasn't on it. Also, the only salary I could find was for "A Guy Thing" in which she made $4 million. I doubt she would have come up that fast given the following movies she made.

I still think the answer to that is Jennifer Aniston. Why she's making A-list money for her crappo movies is beyond me.

Unknown said...

Pinky, I thought the same thing.
Matt Damon looks terrible in the picture with Julia Stiles! Yikes!

Pinky said...

See now, I'd thought - prior to this entry - that it was Jessica Alba and James Cameron. He produced Dark Angel

I wonder how they go about making those lists, and if they even consider b-listers when making it.

Unknown said...

Gheeze! What happend to Matt Damon? He looks hideous!

CZJ still looks fabulous at whatever damm age she is. At least she manages to eat and keep her food down. Poor Ellen P.

anon said...

For being an old, balding, fat man, who lives in his parents basement... I'm thinking the "Shiny Happy People" reference puts you anywhere from 30 to maybe 36 years old.

merrick said...

where is tj hookers wife???

adore said...

That REM are a fine band.

fo real said...

good call...

past Blind reg couple swap

is it possible it JEN/BEN/MATT/MATT;s wife?



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