Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Random Photos Part One

babyface and his girlfriend at the Who's Your Caddy? premiere. Don't you think Cadillac would be a better fit than Ford?
Hey. Look who else showed up. The ex and her sperminator.
Well if there is one bright spot to these photos, it's that Amy obviously still has fans and also if she gains some weight there appears to be plenty of room for the boobs to grow.
I was going to say speaking of boobs, but you would take it the wrong way, so just enjoy Johnny half naked for two whole photos.

Speaking of half naked, Heather Locklear looks great for 45 or really at any age. Right Britney?
Michael Caine and Elton John on holiday. I don't know why they aren't smiling. The only time adults usually don't smile when on holiday is if the kids are in the backseat or if you are going to visit the inlaws.
Bindi Irwin's 9th birthday.
That reminds me, I need to see Me, Myself & Irene again.

When Tom is out of the country he sends his minion Leah Remini off to keep in close contact with the recruits.
I just threw up a little bit.
Awwww. Ken and Jen with matching hair color. Meanwhile, Jessica Simpson spent her birthday at home. Alone.
Jon Favreau has lost a bunch of weight. Finally something to smile about today.


Mother Campfire said...

I heart Jon.

Unknown said...

Does Amy Whinehouse even have anything else to wear? I don't know how people can stand to look at her.

Johnny looks just fine. He isn't Mr.Buff n'Tan and thats okay with me.

Unknown said...

Awwww, sank (wipes slobber), thank you for the pictures of Johnny! This doesn't happen often enough, but I'm getting by.

Hez said...

Those denim shorts are going to fossilize and be found thousands of years in the future (probably still with drugs in the pocket). Actually, Amy's doing a good job of turning herself into a walking corpse anyway.

The Fav looks good! Hope he's not on the Kate Moss diet, though.

Ken Paves grosses me out just as much as Marc Anthony. Leah Remini looks hella beat as well (although not as trapped as her poor hubby). She's quickly rising to the top of my "most hated" list.

And thank you Johnny, for just being Johnny. His sarong is so right! Can't look away from that delicious hipbone in the first shot! I either need lunch or some action...

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Johnny Depp makes me a very happy woman.

kellygirl said...

Thank you, Enty - more JD please!!!!
the guy was smart to get out of Hollywood and get out of America. He has proven to be a classic, and he could have very easily been sucked into the toilet of Tinseltown. Even more testament to his character.

YahMoBThere said...

Why does Elton John wear suits EVERYWHERE even on a boat? He was probably dressed for swimming that day, it's a lighter suit.

What a stuffy old coot.

Hez said...

Twisted, change the "oo" to "un" and I think you've got it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Elton John is a dandy (noun, not adjective). He wants to be Oscar Wilde.

schneefloeckli said...

Looks like Leah Remini has had plastic surgery and can't close her eyes anymore. She used to be so hot... :-(

Tania said...

whoa, Johnny - who knew? Nice...

Amy has fans and, it appears, a penis. When even those tiny shorts look too big for her, girl needs to rethink her nutrition.

Damn, Favreau's face is Joker-shaped!

YahMoBThere said...

Oh, I hate that 'c' word, Hez. Tsk, tsk. Go wash your fingers off with soap!


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