Monday, July 23, 2007

Maggie Gyllenhaal Shouldn't Be Waiting For That Invitation To The Cruise House

Seems as if Maggie Gyllenhaal doesn't think much of Katie Holmes as an actress. Never afraid to speak her mind, Maggie recently called Katie Holmes bland and vanilla as an actress. Maggie also said that she was cast in the new Batman movie because she could offer something more to the role than some generic woman in a dress.

Since Katie was unavailable to comment on this to me, I just imagined how it would go.

Katie responded by saying "I belong to Tom and do whatever he wants. I'm like really proud of Tom's acting and Tom is the greatest. I don't really remember my Batman role because I was just so in awe of Tom's acting. He is truly amazing and I just do what he says. He told me he is the greatest actor and like, he is so amazing and incredible. What was the question you asked again?"


Unknown said...

It is KATE not Katie :)

Unknown said...

But Kate is cute.

GammaGirl said...

And this is why i LOVE Maggie! said...

Sometimes I just stop and think...WHY did Katie do this?

She just doesn't seem like a money hungry type. So why'd she do it?

NatD said...


The question should be "Why did they even WANT Katie for this part?" She's not a good actress, she's very one-demensional. Maggie will be MUCH better in the role. In fact, Katie is the ONLY think I hated about "Batman Begins".

She'll always be "Joey Potter", no matter what she does.

NatD said...

thing, not think

Was that a Louboutin?

Hez said...

Nat, I think you mean "Laboutin." (Louboutin is actually the correct spelling.)

Unknown said...

well, I hated katie in the batman movie... what a distraction to a finally-good-again-batman flick... It's so hard to ignore the fact that she talks out of the side of her mouth.

As long as Gyllenhall keeps her bra on (anyone see sherrybaby?) I think she'll be a battastic replacement.


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