Monday, July 23, 2007

Random Photos Part Two

There really should be a law about letting Carrot Top out in public.
Speaking of tops and public. How many times do you think Chyna flashed everyone that night? If you guessed four then you are the big winner.
"Yea Scott, I'm not going to be #4,865 on your sex parade."
"You know Beyonce, Jay-Z isn't here and my dad used to be on Growing Pains. What say we get out of here?"
Do you have to pay extra so the nipples are always hard?
Just enjoy the photo ladies and don't think about who it is or what he has done.

I don't even want to know what goes on in their house. Well, I actually do but I don't want it sanitized by VH-1. Does Hustler have a television channel?
You know the thing is they really like each other.
Not Debra's best look.
That saying no forever to X Files kind of becomes a maybe and then a yes when the rest of the career goes down the toilet. Those diva principles just kind of get pushed to the side.
Well at least Laura San Giacomo can say she used to be a sex symbol.
Hey at least we can say Lindsay isn't stick thin because she is bigger than the stick. I think all celebrities should have to stand behind this post..
Keith Richards' makeup is a little overdone.
Do you ever get the feeling that maybe Julia Roberts can just go off on you if she wanted.
Jack has been on vacation as long as Naomi Watts has been pregnant.


Khemenu said...

OMG! Laura San Giacomo looks like one of my aunts.

Hez said...

Laura San Giacomo, PUT ON A BRA THIS INSTANT! (Or get one that fits!)

I swear, between her and Tara Reid, are there NO lingerie stores in LA?


Anonymous said...

Laura San Giacomo can say she used to be a sex symbol and i can say that i used to be Jesus. thats the great thing about America, freedom of speech.

__-__=__ said...

Alexis needs to get those things pointed in the same direction!

K said...

Beyonce, just listen to whatever Robin tells ya, OK? (just don't split him and his wife up, or else)

mandjo said...

For a second there, I thought there was some kind of "Boob" theme to this section! said...

Are you SURE that's Keef? What's going on with his head/hair?

Parsley Mostly said...

y'all know scott storch is really a chick, right? or at least was born one.

not that that's a bad thing. jes sayin'.

shannon said...

On a scale of 1 to 10, how freaky is it if I think Carrot Top's kinda sexy?

Monkey Butt's Mom said...

I think I'm gonna gag, steveheehaw.

Nice use of ridonk, Hez-a-balew. Me likey.

Unknown said...

There really should be a law about letting Carrot Top out in public.

Or for you to be putting that mug up close for me to look at, let alone have a comment about it!

schneefloeckli said...

Those David Duchovny + Jesse Metcalfe comments make me think they could be BIs - I just have no idea which ones...

Leah said...

Hey, back off of Laura San Giacomo! I speak from personal experience: having a kid with severe disabilities and medical problems ages you significantly.

ENT, I am disappointed. You should know all that Laura does for her kid and others like him. If you are looking for someone who has performed kindness, I'm sure that you can find more than a few stories out there about Laura.


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