Friday, July 27, 2007

Music News And Photos

Lauryn Hill - Heinekin Music Hall - Amsterdam
The Automatic - fuse Studios - New York

Marc Anthony - Cipriani 42nd Street - New York
DMC - The Plumm - New York
Sugarland - Good Morning America - New York

Scissor Sisters - O2 Arena - London

Red Cafe- Private Studio - New York
Kat De Luna - Party On The Beach - Huntington Beach, CA
Some more dates have been added to the Spice Girls tour including Vancouver Hez. I must admit I registered under about twenty different e-mails for their LA and Las Vegas concerts.

So last week there was that quirky music video I played after I posted their photo. This week I posted a photo of The Dollyrots and listened to their CD last night. They remind me of a happier Mary's Danish with a little Blink 182 thrown in for good measure. They probably see themselves differently of course.


Mother Campfire said...

Uh, Lauryn Hill LOOKS crazy. Who does her costumes? Is she supposed to look like a creepy clown?

Tracee said...

Okay Lauryn...I'm tired of you. First you make me wait for a new album and then you steal Oprah's outfit from 1981. That's it! I'm officially over you.

Mother Campfire said...

HAHAAH I was coming back to say how i changed my mind, she looks like Oprah in a clown costume. WTF?

Hez said...

Oh God, Ent are you suggesting I go see them???

To this day, Spice World is one of the only movies I have ever had to switch off halfway through.

(That being said, it's super hot when you write my name in the blog. Heh.)

adore said...

What is Oprah doing in the music news/pics? Anywho, you know what would be rad, more Intepol pics :]. I think I am in love with Mr. Paul Banks. -too much info

jax said...

Well EL i feel slighted..i mean HULLO? I am in Vacouver AND i friggin voted online for Vancouver.

Hez..really? I loved Barry Humphries and Alam Cumming in Spiceworld..i laughed my ass off.
I hate to admit it but we saw it in the theatre..LOL.

ent lawyer said...


I'm sorry I forgot to mention you. Glad to see I'm not alone in wanting to see them. So if you win tickets let me know and I will go see them with you instead of with


Tracee said...

Oooo, Ent. Hez is gonna be mad when she sees this. I'm talking rain-of-fire-on-your-house mad.

But seriously you gotta take your other hos out, when are you in Texas next? Hez is ho numero uno, but I'll take fifth...okay 30th? I want to move up you need a nudie pic? Heee.heee. (I'm serious.) Heee.Heee.

MnGddess said...

OH mah GAWD! Lauren looks like OPRAH!!!!

That's hilarious!!



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