Thursday, July 26, 2007

Music News And Photos

Keith Levene, founding member of The Clash and Public Image Ltd. in his first public appearance in over 20 years. - Bouga Cocktail Lounge - London

George Michael - Athens, Greece
Bret Michaels - fuse Studios - New York

The Dollyrots - fuse Studios - New York
Minnie Driver - J&R Music & Computer World - New York
Silverchair - fuse Studios - New York
Vanessa Carlton & Stevie Nicks - The Roxy - Los Angeles

If you are going to be in LA this weekend you need to try and get to the Key Club on Saturday night. It looks like all of the original Guns N' Roses members will be together sans Axl for the 20th anniversary bash for Appetite for Destruction. However, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Axl will show up as Axl has seen how much The Rolling Stones are making on their tour and know GN'R could triple that.

Sharon Osbourne's father recently died, but she didn't attend the funeral because she said she was too upset.

Tori Amos tour information.


givenme said...

you sure that's bret? looks like fergie's twin.

merrick said...

rock the casbah ...!!

adore said...

woot, another pic of silverchair :]

there's no more tix for the GNR show.

jlb said...

Did anyone ever see Bret when he was on the Chris Isaak show? I can't believe the guy's still kicking around.

NLYX said...

tt's stupid. It's her father! She should at least pay respects you know...

Tania said...

Has anybody here read Sharon Osbourne's autobiography? Her relationship with her father (who comes across as a monster) was seriously dysfunctional. I can see her being too emotional to go to the funeral, if the book has it straight.


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