Thursday, July 26, 2007

Random Photos Part Two

Kate gets first place today because she's directing her first movie. Plus she looks cute, but lonely. Call me. I feel like the Jessica Alba stalker who keeps sending me e-mails with his phone number on them like I'm Jessica or something.
Sorry Molls you get 2nd today, but you look really cute.

Scarlett just spent $8M on a house and she can thank Woody and his love for her for much of that. This is her on set filming her new Woody Allen movie.
Anne and her date. They go well together. It's like vanilla with an extra scoop of vanilla.
Be nice to Haylie day continues. Now that Hilary has that rich hockey player she's doing maybe Haylie will get out on her own. Haylie is going to be the lead in Kentucky Fried Movie. Yes, they are remaking it.

Realize please that this photo of the Corey's was taken at 7am. Think they've changed?
Bono and Penelope sitting in a tree (ok, the beach)
Bono and Penelope again at night. I'm noticing a theme to Bono's shirts.
Adam Sandler on the set of his new film.

So, I know you have no idea who the guy next to Adam is, but it's Robert Smigel. He does all the writing for the SNL cartoons.
Paris got another dog. Yes, seriously.


merrick said...

what the hell is bono doing with pene??? please tell me as my heart is slowing breaking ...

btw .. love the coreys ...what was old once will sure become new again!

Kim's World said...

i am wondering if the scar jo about the a list actress that sleeps with the producer or director and thats why she only works with him/ well something like that blind

ladorabelle said...

The Corey's may still be the Corey's (anyone else remember the Unstoppable Corey Combo?), but at least it looks like they've cleaned up a bit. The last time I saw Haim, he was approaching obesity. Feldman is getting over that meth face he had for a while, too.

Bryn said...

Yeah, What's up with Bono and PC? He has always had a thing for the dark haired, dark eyed girls. Ali his wife, the Corrs girls, etc. He did write the song "Spanish Eyes". Hmmmm.

I hate to think he's this blatant in stepping out on his wife. He's my all time favorite crush, and although he hasn't aged as well as some, I still love him.

Reese said...

Bono was running around with Winona Ryder several years ago; yes, the dark haired, dark eyed girls are his favorites.

Unknown said...

Somebody call PETA and rescue that poor dog!

Anonymous said...

scarlett doesn't fit the blind about the actress that only works with one company becuase her movies are produced by almost all different film companies.

jax said...

Isn't Bono married? She needs to get him on a leash..that shit ain't right.


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