Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Random Photos Part One

The Beckhams do what they do best. Shop.
Victoria shows us why she is fond of her husband.
If I didn't know this was planned right down to the sweat, I would almost think it was loving. Another give away that it's planned is that no one else appears to be dancing. It does look like Katie gives one hell of a lap dance though.

Well if the whole acting thing doesn't work out, Minnie Driver has a guitar and a street corner in NY in her future.
It's not often you go from basically living together to dinners out and going home alone.
Anne Hathaway isn't as boring as Claire Danes, but I just don't feel her. She's beautiful, but she just doesn't exude anything but blandness and forced cleavage.


Anonymous poster said...

I noticed that you didn't post any of the pix from last weekend that showed some kind of "skin discoloration" on KH's face....... said...

How come only Tom's alien body is sweating and his face and hair aren't.

Hez said...

Hot dress, Minnie!!!

Tracee said...

Heehee! Good point Brendababy.

Blech, that picture un-nerves me. Something's in the water in Ho-town. Were there any nearby chemicals spills within the last few years? Someone needs to research that.

Mother Campfire said...

Ya, like we believe Tom wants to bone his little Mrs. It insults my intelligence...or what's left after the bong rips.

And I disagree on Anne Hathaway. I think her appeal is actually in her voice, I like listening to her talk for some reason...of course it's becuase I'm high. Hmph.

Hez said...

Bwahahahaha Melissa!

Being a little bit high is the spoonful of sugar it takes to digest a lot of these celeb's "medicine".

But really, you'd have to be a whole nation of stoners to be fooled by Tom and Katie. Even here in Vansterdam there ain't weed strong enough to perpetuate THAT grand delusion.

weezy said...

Katie grinding Tom: well, that would explain the long red dress in a room full of short black/neutral outfits.

Unknown said...

I don't get why you don't get Anne Hathaway. I find her refreshing in looks and attitude versus the run of the mill big boobed blond bimbo starlets that are out there.


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