Monday, July 23, 2007

Still On The Lindsay Bandwagon

So Lindsay was out and about this weekend and had her ever present alcohol monitor in place. No one is really going to ever probably get close enough to read the thing, BUT, I must admit this move is genius on the part of her attorney or publicist. With her court date looming, Lindsay can say (a) she went to rehab (b) stayed for longer than was necessary (c) allows herself to be publicly monitored (d) and has not showed any signs of relapse.

Plus, she has got rid of Calum Best who has stated that he doesn't like hanging out with Lindsay anymore because he's not ready to give up partying and Lindsay is now really boring. First, I doubt Lindsay could ever be boring. She isn't sitting at home watching television. As for Mr. Best I figure he has about another year before he is dead or in rehab. He is a mess.

The only advice I would give Lindsay is to spend less time in the sun and start posting some of these photos you are always taking. If you are looking for a place to post them, just e-mail me.


Hez said...

Pictures of her from the other night with Creep Angel CLEARLY show a tensor bandage / stocking UNDER the booze bracelet. As far as cheats go, it's an obvious one, but doubtless a very effective one.

I mean, I like a drink, but this bitch is patho-friggin-logical!

Mother Campfire said...
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Mother Campfire said...

Awww, photographic evidence...

jax said...

Aww man i was so loved up for Lindsay until i saw that party girl boo!

Girl get your shizz together and keep it that one ever saw Meryl Streep with an ankle bracelet or Cate Blanchett drunkenly jetting her car into a either get it together or hire a new friggin publicist.

As you were.

Tracee said...

Okay, now I thinking that this site is filled with posters who either:

a) make their living as private eyes or
b) are secret service personel

You folks always dig up juicy things. I love that we share!

Linds is stoopid and I mean back woods Alabama stoopid. Sorry alabamians. I don't mean you, but you know who I'm talkin bout.

Hez said...

Tracee, you forgot c) have WAYYYY too much time on our hands!

;) (I include myself in that, y'all!)

Abbie said...

I have no personal experience with the SCRAM bracelet, but a Google search of SCRAM OBSTRUCTION STUDY pulls up this blog (with a strikingly familiar format) reporting that one study saw that obstruction increased the chance of a false positive.

Lindsay is looking so incredibly hot!

Unknown said...

Can't wait for todays update on this!!!! She is so screwed. Another one goes to jail.


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