Monday, July 23, 2007

Welcome To LA Party

They control the world and Jada Pinkett Smith is their leader. Notice the only one who doesn't blend in to the color scheme is Katie. She is still in training. They also need more female children because so far Suri is the only female for breeding purposes.
I know you love Adrian. Well if you love him so much, tell him (a) to learn how to dress and (b) if you are going to dress like this, at least buy a different outfit so we don't have to see the same one repeatedly.
Anyone want to take a guess at the height of the heels? If David is squeezing? If this is the reason Posh has those crappy legs?

She thought about wearing a bra and then said f**k it, Jada would kill Will for looking anyway and Tom, well...
Congratulations Bruce. This one appears to be out of high school.
The brainwashing is complete and Brooke Shields is allowed to leave the party.
You know I really don't like to say bad things about Alyson, but she just gets worse on a daily basis. I just hope to God that is a wig and please do something about the bow. Seriously. She used to be hot.
I don't think there is anything that can help Lil Kim.

Let's see. Side boob, chewing gum, loud laugh and lots of dental work. Now, how long was she married?
When Jenny breaks up with Jim, he is going to go into hiding for five years. He is so whipped.
I've seen knives that are less sharp than those heels.
"See the great thing is you just take the bag out of the box, make a couple of holes and there you have it. I even use the little twist ties to hold it all in place."
Rita Wilson. Alone and with new boobs.

I think everyone is agreed that Rihanna doesn't need to EVER pull back her hair.
So Brian Grazer could have gone the stereotypical Hollywood route and brought an 18 year old with him, but instead he brought Ron Howard who for once has left the house without a hat on his head. They both look incredible. Stunning. Like a million dollars.
"N- 42", "B-7,"
"So Mel here told everyone what a big c**k I have and so now Devon decided to come join the party."
I guess wherever Wesley Snipes has been hiding out, they stopped designing clothes in the 1970's. I feel like I'm looking at Roger from What's Happening.

Vivica had to promise to be on her VERY best behavior to be invited.
"Yes, stand six feet away so you don't tower over me. Besides I had this light installed specifically for these photos so I wouldn't look older than 21."
"What? I'm with a man? Damn high talkers."
First of all I think Serena looks great. Second, I have no idea what kind of truck that is in the background, BUT this is a great ad photo for that company unlike Paris and the Ford.


Tracee said...

Okay, obviously Lil Kim has been brainwashed. When did she join the cult anyway? It's either that or she doesn't own a mirror. There's no excuse for that skeezy outfit or clown make-up. No excuse, Queen B, no excuse at all!!

And Ent, are you trying to tell us something with the Rita and Matt Perry comments...hmmm

__-__=__ said...

Jenny is the best Posh clone of all!

Unknown said...

Lil Kim just needs a LITTLE more plastic surgery - that will make everything okay - :0

And kissing butt a little bit ENT w/the Grazer/Howard comment - I expected something more cynical and damning from you :)

I don't understand the Matthew Perry comments - someone please splain....

blahblah said...

Hey - any pictures of the PLAYERS?!?!?!

I thought Beckham was here to raise the profile of mls? I saw a pic of Landon/Bianca on one site and they got her name right and his wrong then on another he got identified and she was "guest." Lame.

jax said...

Ok two things:

1- The Rita Wilson alone comment..something to do with the BI A-list couple not pictured together?

2- Katie's knocked up

Unknown said...

That shot of Posh's legs was discovered to be photoshopped by a british tabloid.

Mother Campfire said...

...and i'd rather have my Adrian without clothes, thankyouverymuch. Think you can find a photo in Lilo's cellphone of that?

kellygirl said...

with all the frightening folks in the first pic, Tom Crazy, FemBot Spice - the one who scares me the most is Jada. I'd cross to the other side of the street if I saw her coming my way.

Hez said...

The Matt Perry comment is in reference to him looking like he's playing bingo with that card in his hand.

Jennifer Esposito is and has always been PHENOMENALLY overrated. Ne care pas.

But wouldn't it be great to see a bitch fight between Vivica, Jada, Posh and Lil' Kim? That would be AWESOME.

Pinky said...

Yeah, but what's Enty trying to say with the comments about Esposito? 'cause he's def callin' her a 'ho'

Hez said...

Yeah, Pinky, I thought he liked her, but either a) she turned him down or b) he's finally come to his senses and realized he only has eyes for Hez. Works for me either way.

Tracee said...

Oh?! Hez, I thought Ent was trying to tell us: Bingo! to a BI.

But that'll be too easy. Ent likes to see us crawl. Just like Bryan Adams did to his fans. Because that's where we the dirt groveling.

Hez said...

Tracee, I'd prefer chocolate pudding to dirt. I suspect Ent would as well. Wanna wrestle?

Tracee said...

Only if Ent reveals something too! One juicy BI. And I don't mean a thick swinger.

You know what?! Screw it! I love jello pudding pops and I wrestle with them in the privacy of my home.

Sure. I'm up for a wrestle. I've been practicing! Here's pudding in your eye, Hez! LOL! said...

Jenny McCarthy is wearing an ice-skating outfit, obviously designed by Johnny Weir.

Hez said...

Vivica Fox wore that same ice skating outfit and it looked equally hideous on her.

Miguelita said...

Jax -
I totally agree with the A-list alone/Rita Wilson comment.

Tania said...

I think Katie/Kate's dress has a radioactive half-life of a millennium or two.
Maybe Lil Kim got too close to it?

candice said...

ew katies dress is too ful on its burning my eyes!.. victoria ah such thispiration haha if ya wana c more pics of her in a foto shoot go to my blog...


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