Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Horrors Continue

Diddy recorded a song entitled Through The Pain...aka Kim Porter. I hope he is talking about her pain. I don't remember seeing photos of her walking Sienna Miller back to her hotel or talking about how she enjoys getting ready to go out by having a bunch of men watch her get dressed and pick out just the right thing. What the hell is he thinking? The only pain he is going to have is in his wallet when she gets as much money as she can to jack up that child support and make his life a living hell with more appearances on talk shows, magazine articles and that book deal that's just around the corner. Then he can write a song about pain.


bits of moxy said...

The lyrics are sweet. "Yeah Yeah - jump up and down if you miss Dianna - I mean Kim..yeah yeah.

Unknown said...

Diddy is way too pathetic! If this is an attempt to save face it certainly is a poor one! I despise him, and hope karma soon bites him in the ass. Crash and Burn, Diddy!

Joint Venture world said...

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schneefloeckli said...

This is actually the first picture of him where he looks good - with the hand covering up like half his face. He should always pose like this IMO.

Virgo74 said...

What an ass!! She has played the fool long enough.


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