Thursday, July 26, 2007

No Reservations Premiere

I know you guys love Aaron. Hell I love Aaron and I'm, straight, so no crap or snarkiness and right to the top. This means of course that the rest of the post needs to be extra snarky. It's the price you pay.

I think Crystal Hunt thought this was a Hee Haw reunion show. When I was a kid that damn show was on Saturday nights and it was a choice between that or Lawrence Welk. I don't remember what was on the other two channels, I just remember thinking life really sucked. Hasn't got much better, but at least there are more things on television now.
Jesus. For a second I thought it was Perez. Turns out it's Celia Weston. Those Broadway ladies can be kind of nuts. It's like they are always auditioning.
Yea, Yea. Catherine Zeta Jones, but look. It's another photo of Aaron for all of you.
Remember how I said earlier that Ellen Pompeo looked really skinny and was wasting away. Ellen looked like Celia Weston compared to Jaslene Gonzalez here. Jaslene's dress is a junior zero and it still looks HUGE on her. Not that I don't find her attractive because I do and I eat a great deal so that would be good for both of us.
Katie calls herself a television personality, but considering she has been in two things, I think it's fair to say that she's probably best known for being married to Billy Joel. I believe she's 25 and Billy is like 100.


jlb said...

Man alive that Celia chick is SCARY. She started life as a man right?

Anonymous said...

If she didn't, then the menopause fairy left the awful gift of excess testosterone.


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