Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Morning Links

What do you do when Lindsay gets arrested and can't make her Tonight Show appearance? You get Rob Schneider playing Lindsay in drag.

The two sides to the Matt Leinart baby mama drama. Her side. And his.

Paris wanted to see what Cisco Adler was hiding in his pants.

Those Penelope Cruz eyelashes aren't as real as the commercial suggests.

Want to see Beyonce fall down at a concert? Click here for the video. BTW, Beyonce has pleaded that the video not show up on YouTube.

I told you Mel B. has the goods on Eddie Murphy.


kimmypie1 said...
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kimmypie1 said...

There are quite a few things that Brynn didn't mention in her 'article'. One being that she didn't "find out" she was pregnant until she was 6 or so months along. Conveniently when it was too late for an abortion. Nor does she mention that she only allows Matt to see Cole for 3 hours at a time. Or what about the fact that he sees Cole on a weekly basis? Or that Matt is renting a home near Brynn so that he can be with Cole? Or what about the fact that she has recently exchanged her 'tomboy' look for expensive designer clothes? For someone who doesn't like the Hollywood lifestyle, she sure is acting like she does.
This is not about Matt not wanting to give money to support his child, that is what trust funds are for. But it is not for designer clothes for his ex and some supposed plastic surgery (boob job anyone?) said...

I know what Cisco is hiding in his pants. Does anyone remember a toy called "Clackers"?

YahMoBThere said...

Clackers? Is that English for ben-wa balls?

mandjo said...

I thought clackers were those things that swing back and forth making noise (oh my god, I can't keep a straight face and type.
Too funny Brendalove!!!!

Unknown said...

I know it's not nice to laugh, but damn! That 'tumble' B took was really funny! Girl bounced right back up though, gotta give her props for that.


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